Zero Cost Handout

 Zero Cost Strategies for Successful Self Publishing Handout

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Type in a relevant word like crime book and click on Get Ideas. Go for keywords with higher search volume and low competition if possible.

keyword planner

Go to the Kindle book store and type in a search term and see what other suggestions Amazon gives you. These are the searches that are being carried out by readers.


amazon web



kindle rank

If you click on any book, and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the categories where the book is found. If these are relevant for your book ask Amazon to put your books  in these categories.

I will be giving more training to you via email on all aspects of self publishing and I will be going into more detail on all of the above including other relevant self publishing topics.

In the meantime if you need some support or have a question, drop me a line on

I am here to help!



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