I love writing. To me it is therapeutic kind of like a brain dump where I just get everything down on paper or in type format. By doing this I am also preserving my thoughts or my ramblings more likely!

Sometimes a thought will come into my mind, when I am doing doing anything in particular and then another thought and I suddenly see a link and like pieces of a jigsaw, the space fills up with pieces that fit together and expand in all directions so that when done, I can see the picture.

The great thing about stories though is that all the pieces don’t need to make just one picture but you can take your story to where your imagination wants to go.

Children are brilliant at this and it is important we don’t interrupt this process especially in creative storytelling by telling them something like “that doesn’t make sense” or “wouldn’t it be better if you did this?”

My 7-year-old daughter Emer now wants to write stories. She wrote on the back of some “post-it” notes and then ordered all the pages like a real book!



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