There are so many fantastic writers who are seriously considering giving up. Giving up on their dreams, their craft, their self-belief in the quality of their writing - Why is this happening?

Is it because they feel completely unsupported and undervalued when it comes to having their work published-even their best work?

Even though it is difficult to find updated figures, it is estimated that around 80% of us believe we have a book in us, but

  • when you take out those who haven’t really given it any serious thought,
  • those who wrote something but never finished and
  • those who finished but did nothing with it,

the statistics for the number of authors who actually go on to publish dwindles to a depressing level.

This is alarming!

  1. Why are authors not getting round to finishing their book?
  2. For those that do finish what is really stopping them from taking the next step?

Authors have a choice but they often feel their options are limited.

Should you spend time looking for an agent and then potentially wait a few years for good news? Or do you bite the bullet and self-publish?

Never feel you have no choice.

If fear of the unknown and the feeling you are going it alone is stopping you from self-publishing, it just means you haven’t found the right self-publisher to work with you.

I hear so many stories of authors who had really bad experiences with traditional publishing and self-publishing and it frustrates and infuriates me.


Because I am paddling my own canoe, offering what I believe is the very best service I can offer to clients. My first and most important job is to put my client’s mind at ease. To know they can trust me, I am there for them, I understand where they are coming from, their challenges, fears and doubts.

I have had those same challenges, fears and doubts as an author and that is why I am an author turned self-publishing publisher now.

publishing choices

There is always choice and support and guidance if you work with the right person.

Even though the road may feel lonely and you feel isolated, vulnerable and dejected, don’t give up your dream of being published if that is what you really want to do. Even if you have no plans for your book other than to experience that feeling when you simply hold it in your hand and to your heart.


I can help you fulfill your dream of having your book published.

At Orla Kelly Publishing we offer a professional Irish independent personal book publishing service and have successfully helped authors to publish bestsellers and award-winning books on the indie platforms.

Everything from qualified editing, cover design to the final hardcopy print is included. We do this by helping you plan, proof, edit and perfect the final draft in a stress-free way.

Ultimately, we take your story to print smartly, simply and successfully. The finished product is your hardcopy on your coffee table, a copy that stands out online and one that will stand strong on the bookshelf.



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