It is easy to get hung up on a particular book title and not be open to change. However you need to consider the most important aspect - YOUR READER.

  • Will your book title make sense to them?
  • Will it be easy to remember when they go looking for it or talk about it with others?
  • How does it sound when you read it out loud? If you find yourself stumbling over the words, they don’t flow ell together, you get lost or make mistakes or leave words out, then there is a problem.
  • How important is a particular keyword or keyword phrase for the title to work and how can this be addressed without your title appearing spammy?
  • How will it work in terms of design layout for the front cover of your book or does it look too busy? This is especially true if you have a busy picture dominating the front cover.
  • Can it be shortened easily and the rest incorporated into a subtitle if necessary?
  • Are there already several books out published with the same name meaning if someone went to look for your book, they would encounter the other authors and may end up purchasing from them instead.
  • What will a reader in your genre look for in a book. This is vital and where you need to do your research? This depends on whether you publish in fiction and non fiction and drilling down deeper to go genre specific. Don’t try to outsmart your reader, books that sell well, do so for all sorts of reasons, make your book title not be something you regret.
  • Test different titles with cover combinations together and get feedback from people who would read your type of book. General feedback is fine but they are not your target readership. If you want to release your kindle book first you can easily change the book title and cover without any significant consequences. For print books, it is a different matter as the book is considered published and the title and subtitle are locked.

I have found that shorter titles work best for some of my most successful clients. Their titles are meaningful, memorable, sound great and look good on a cover. Words carry vibrations, they are powerful and can really influence buying decisions. Action, emotion, intrigue, suspense, tease-these are some of the words you can use in your title if it makes sense to do so. There is a skill in this so spend time looking and testing and familiarising yourself with what works.

I support my clients in crafting the perfect book. If you have a book in you that you would like to get published, let’s chat about making this happen now.

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