When I first looked at e-publishing, like a lot of people, I knew very little about it. From the moment I met Orla Kelly, this lady couldn’t do enough to help me, working tirelessly to get this book online. If you are thinking of going this route, I can highly recommend the services of Orla Kelly Self-Publishing. Orla, a big thanks. New Irish writers need a friend like you.

Sean Harding

Author of 'Love and All That'

It was from a random Google search that I found Orla Kelly publishing services and so impressed by what she had to offer, I decided to choose her services to publish my series of children’s books for me, indeed I was very pleasantly surprised.
From the very start of the publishing process to the finish Orla was the epitome of complete professionalism.  She was readily available with her updates, feedback and honest opinions and when the going got tough she was always most encouraging. Orla is very hardworking and also most diligent to ensure the work produced is of an extremely high standard and quality. She is an absolute pleasure to work it and I certainly would not hesitate in availing of her publishing services again in the future.  It is without a doubt that the future of publishing services is in very good hands with Orla Kelly at the helm. Thank you Orla Kelly-you Rock!

Aideen O'Donoghue

Author of 3 books- O.D. McPhodee, O.D. McPhodee-The Greatest Dog Ever and O.D. McPhodee-The Great Escape

Hi Orla,

Just a brief note to say that it was an inspired choice of mine, to select you to publish my first book. The attention and personal effort you put in to seeing that what was produced was of the very highest quality was second to none. Nothing was too much trouble and you inspired me to keep going when I began to doubt what I was doing.

Looking forward to working with you again when I finish my next book.

Phil Chambers

Author of 'Has Anyone Seen Alice?'

I would highly recommend Orla Kelly for all your publishing requirements. She was extremely thorough, hard working, and she did all of her work in very good time and very efficiently. She was very reasonable in what she charged for her work and she did absolutely everything for me. She was very kind and agreeable to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of having a writing published. It was a dream come true

Patricia Fitzpatrick

Author of 'Christian Healing'

In choosing to use Orla Kelly Publishing Services to publish my first book I made what I consider to be the singular most important decision in the whole venture. From our first meeting to discuss the project to the final printing of the books Orla was always encouraging, patient and most professional in all aspects of the process. Nothing was too much trouble for her and the end result was of the highest quality, I highly recommend the services of Orla Kelly Publishing to any aspiring author who is considering self publishing. For me it turned publishing my book from a fraught and stressful experience into a very enjoyable journey.
James Keoghan

Author of 'Currahoo to Santiago'

My name is Margaret Kelleher and I have recently published my first book with the help of Orla Kelly.
As a first time author and complete novice when it comes to publishing and promoting my book, I was lucky to find Orla. She has been amazing in helping me get my book into the market.
I rely on her and she delivers every time.

Margaret Kelleher

Author of 'Chips In A Bag, Classy Mr Murray'

After selling the print copies of two local history books, I decided to publish them in eBook format. I got in contact with Orla Kelly, Self Publishing and found the service to be of a very high standard and attention to detail was second to none. Would highly recommend this Publishing Service.

This short 60-second Promo and Links reveals both publications – Check them out:




Joe Connolly

Author of 'Pure Drama From Behind The Spotlight' and 'Musical Theatre From Behind The Spotlight'

A huge thanks to the lovely Orla Kelly for her ongoing support and for getting my book online.

John Walsh

Author of 'Headcase - The John Walsh Story'

Orla Kelly is a professional publisher, very helpful and kind. Working with her was a real pleasure. Reliable business partner provides the work relevant to the highest standards. I can recommend Orla to any new author thinking of publishing their first book. 

Victoria Herocten

Author of 'Awaken Mega Happiness: Master the Eleven Proven Skills of Personal Excellence And Create Your Dream Life'

i begun writing books some six years past and never wanted to publish anything. i wanted to write just to write the idea of giving my work over to someone and losing control scared me a little. Then one day a friend come to me about self publishing he give me Orla email and contact information. after speaking to her for a long time about it i decided to publish my book. knowing nothing of publishing pricing or anything really Orla helped me with everything no matter the time or day she was there for me to answer even my most stupid questions. I depend on her knowledge for a lot of things one thing i admired was when i sent her the book. I never edited it. i have dyslexia and find it very difficult to do. to great shame of my own. When Orla found out she help me beyond count because of this i have grown to respect her for what she did.  Highly recommend using her to publish your work right to the final stage she was there to help me. Much thanks for the support Orla.

Jason Donoghue

Author of 'Ronan'

I am forever thankful that I chose Orla Kelly to support me in publishing my first book; she provides a bespoke service that is both efficient and professional, at a competitive cost.
I asked lots of questions, and she was always incredibly kind and helpful. Everything flowed beautifully, and I am more than happy with the results.
I highly recommend her services, indeed I have already passed her name to others.
Brigid Gallagher

Author of 'Author of Watching the Daisies-Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow'

From the initial contact right through to receiving copies of my book, Orla was highly professional, helpful and fully cooperative. All queries and suggestions were dealt with promptly and empathetically. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly’s publishing services.
Sean Maguire

Author of 'For Those Left Behind'

In my search for an able formatter for both Create Space and Kindle, I was fortunate to discover Orla Kelly Publishing, and from the outset was glad of my choice. Orla is patient and professional and pays special attention to what the author is trying to convey via the work, which makes the formatting process more of a pleasure for someone like myself, who has little technical knowledge when it comes to preparing for the final upload to Amazon. Highly recommended.

Páll Thormod Morrison

Author of 'Dionysos in Myth, Drama & Comedy: Bacchic Elements in Greek & Celtic Culture.'

I can safely say that without Orla Kelly, my book would not have been published. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is full of great ideas. If you’re interested in publishing a book, I highly recommend Orla.

Neil O'Brien

Author of '101 Business Ideas From A Recovering Accountant'

I have been writing books on local history for many years, published and received well locally.  But a sudden change in my life in 2010 saw me having to take early retirement and finding a lot of time on my hands. Sitting down one morning in the winter of 2011, I began with an idea which blossomed five years later as The Spindle Tree. Countless emails and refusals later, a friend sent me a link and an email to Orla Kelly Publishing. Not knowing whether I’d ever hear from her, I was more than surprised to receive a phone call next day and the rest is history.

My journey with Orla through the publication of The Spindle Tree has been a magical journey.  Nothing was ever a problem.  To see the book grow wings from editing phase to cover design, to appearing online in the digital world was very exciting.  I found her to be friendly, helpful, patient, but most of all very professional always and she has so much knowledge of the publishing world, it can only go up and up for her.  If someone were to ask me to recommend a publisher for their book, I would have no hesitation in recommending Orla Kelly Publishing.

Danny Dune

Author of 'The Spindle Tree'

I am a first time author. After having finished my manuscript I didn’t know where to turn. This is a daunting time for any author. I had so many hurdles to overcome – where would I find an editor, a designer, a marketing agent and someone to negotiate the often times complex procedure of uploading text and design to Amazon and Ingram Spark. I approached a number of publishers, many of whom didn’t return to me for such a long time that I had forgotten I had approached them in the first place. Then I found Orla. She managed every aspect personally and worked tirelessly to bring my book to publication - producing a book that was beyond my expectations. Her support and passion for my book never dwindled. Her attention to detail is of a very high standard and her professionalism and work ethic is exceptional. She delivers all this in a very personal and friendly manner. When she attended my book launch I told her - “The services you provide are great, but what’s more important than this is the way you provide them.” I would use Orla again and never even consider anyone else. 

Robert Barry

Author of 'The Truth - The Greatest Cover-up In History'

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Orla. It was my first book and I wanted everything to be perfect. I had million questions and million things to clarify, and Orla was always there for me. She has made the entire process really enjoyable. Her professionalism, attention to the detail, artistic approach really exceeded my expectations. She got my book cover design just exactly how I imagined it from the first attempt. I never felt the need to explain what I wanted (in terms of the interior formatting); she just read my book and knew exactly what would make it fabulous. Orla was patient and flexible with me, when I wanted to make some changes after the book was published. Even, when the process was finished, she is always available for me whenever I have any questions. Orla is a true gem for authors, her service always overdrives!

Anna Simpson

Author of 'Create the Life You Dream About - Discover Your Inner Power to Change Your Life'

It has been my privilege to work with Orla Kelly in publishing of my last two parenting books. She has assisted me with preparing the layout, and with the publishing of those volumes onto all the key online book selling platforms.

She has given me invaluable advice regarding the presentation and many great tips that help to gain traction for my other resources, as well as present and past published books, and the value of this is becoming evident in the monthly financial returns.

If you find the final preparation and uploading of your book to be an onerous or daunting task, then Orla is the lady who can take the weight off your shoulders, leaving you to focus on what every writer loves to focus on – the writing!

I have also progressed to the point of publication of another volume faster than I would previously have managed, as have a tendency to procrastinate when there are tasks I am loathe to do. With Orla taking care of my ‘headache’ tasks, I am left free to pursue my writing and book marketing, which are more than full-time tasks in themselves. This means that working with Orla also makes financial sense because with a faster output of books I can attract more readers, and this creates the momentum that every author is seeking to achieve.

The big bonus of working with Orla, besides her friendly yet professional approach and her dedication to the task, is that on numerous occasions she has made herself readily available – whether it has been to solve a tricky problem with something as small as a chapter heading, or a serious hiccup in the uploading when there is a deadline to be reached! When she is working with me, I can forget that she has other clients also seeking her attention because she always responds timeously and gives me her full and patient attention until we have satisfactorily worked through the concern. She has also proved herself willing go well beyond the call of duty, helping me to overcome a challenge or to source required assistance when the task needed a particular expertise.

If you are a business person looking to publish a book that will be an enhancement to your professional status, I highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing.

Val Mullally MA, Koemba Parenting Koemba.com

Author of 'Baby and Toddler on Board” http://bit.ly/babyandtoddlerbook“Stop Yelling - 9 Steps to Calmer Happier Parenting” http://geni.us/stopyelling"BEHAVE - What To Do When Your Child Won’t" behave.ie

Choosing a publisher is the second most important thing, after writing the book, that an author can do. I have published several times, all with different publishers and this, mostly, was a pleasant experience. However, for my latest book I decided to work with Orla Kelly Publishing. This was a revelatory experience as it showed me how good the relationship between an author and his or her publisher could be.
Others have testified as to how professional, helpful and accommodating Orla is. I fully endorse these views. What they neglect to mention, however, is the good humour, can-do attitude, and sense of craic she brings to the process. Publishing with Orla was a joy and has ensured that for my next book I won’t be hunting yet another publisher, but will be picking up the phone to Orla to engage her services again.
Horror of horrors, here is me a confirmed ‘Dub’ admitting that something excellent has come from Cork. What is exceptional is wonderful.

Dr Dermot Douglas


Working with Orla was the best choice we could have made. Orla went the extra mile for us, literally! She travelled to Dublin at the crack of dawn to get our books in time for the book launch, this was no surprise to us considering her level of commitment to us and to the rest of the people she has worked with. Myself and Killian look forward to the next book we make with Orla.  

Harry Tyrrell

Author of 'The Kinsale Colouring Book'

I decided to write and publish my book, called Whisperings of My Soul over Christmas 2017. This was in thanksgiving to Jesus for a series of beautiful and awesome consolations of faith I received in response to my prayers of desolation following the death of my darling wife Liz. I believed my sharing of these consolations could bring support, consolations and an affirmation in their faith to many troubled people.

By spring of 2017 I had submitted a broad outline of my writings to a number of publishers. All thought it was a lovely story that should be told, but it did not appear to have the necessary broad appeal that would make it commercially viable to publish.

Disappointed I searched the internet for self-publishing agencies that I might hire to assist me in self-publishing, my by now first draft manuscript. This acknowledgement of Gods loving presence in our lives was and is precious to me and I wanted my account of it to be the best I could make it be. In addition to researching agencies on the internet I started to read excerpts of books by self-publishing agencies. I read an excerpt of a book called Mommy I Don’t Want to Die, published by Orla Kelly Publishing. It appeared to give the precious subject matter in that book the type of treatment I wanted. I looked up Orla Kelly Publishing; I recall one testimonial saying thank God for Orla Kelly, I thought that is what I want to be able to say when my book is published.

I phoned Orla giving her a status on my writings and saying three key priorities for me were

* That the subject matter would have the same sensitive treatment as Mommy I Don’t Want to Die.

* That the book would have the same professional lay out and appearance.

* That I wanted to have it published pre-Christmas of 2018.

Orla reviewed my writings gave me some advice on a proposed structure for the book and advised me to hire a good editor. After a discussion on what felt I wanted and she felt I needed. Oral recommended Kathryn Rogers.

Orla supported and guided me professionally and safely through the process and mechanics of publishing. Including the mine field of copyrights, lay out for printing, front cover design, recruiting and managing the hard copy printing, and installation on Amazon and Kindle e/book.

My book was launched very successfully on December 7th 2018, on budget, and is now being distributed nationwide by Veritas. Orla in collaboration with Kathryn Rogers my editor supported me in producing more than I hoped for in my most optimistic dreams, and I dreamt big for this precious gift.

I had hoped when my book was published I could say thank God for Orla Kelly and that is exactly what I want to say about Orla.

Fr Sean Hyland

Author of 'Whispers Of My Soul'

Orla came up trumps for my book.  She covered all the bases for a first-time publisher, assisting me along the path at each decision-point and for each wobble, never failing in her encouragement.  She was thorough and more than generous with her time – like a good parent standing by to support every challenge that arose.  She’s worth her weight in gold and I would highly recommend her to any would-be self-publisher.  I owe her a great debt of gratitude, and certainly a night out next time I am in Cork.

Hazel Boylan

Author of 'A Guide to Wellbeing from the Inside-out'

Orla is a gem in the busy world of book publishers. Like most of her clients she started by learning how to write and publish and sell her own book, so she truly understands the complexity of the challenge involved and all the options. And she thrives on it. I have seen Orla grow her business, publish more and more books - many through well deserved referral. Orla also helped me get published too. She was so professional and committed in the process. If you are thinking of publishing a book, Orla is a fountain of wisdom - but more than that, just a lovely person who will get onboard your project, become a fantastic team player and commit well beyond a hundred percent.

Gwenn Clayton

Performance Coach Since 1992. Helping You Get Clarity, Be Strategic & Get New Results In Your Business, Team Or Life.

I strongly recommend Orla Kelly as an adviser and mentor on self-publishing. Orla is exactly the mentor and guide you need to take you safely and successfully through the complex and daunting process of online and self-publishing. . She knows online and self-publishing inside out – based on years of experience. Orla will take you through everything step-by-step, simply and clearly and give good advice all along the way. She sets high standards that will benefit the ‘look and feel’ of your book and she is always focussed on getting the best solution. Orla is meticulous about proofreading. Silly errors really annoy readers. She works with the best of printers and designers, the latter being especially important since first impressions are very important in tempting readers to read a few lines of the first page. Orla is always available to chat by phone, video or Skype or to keep in touch by text and will always get back to you quickly. If the pressure comes on (as it surely will!) she remains calm and good humoured. Orla has good judgment – listen to her. For the quality of service she provides, the cost involved is realistic. Working with Orla, I’ve just successfully completed a major publishing project and I’m extremely pleased at the outcome and how we got there. This was a complex history book, lots of illustrations, index and bibliography. All delivered perfectly and in good time. (BTW, if you’re interested it’s called ‘Forgotten Revolution The Limerick Soviet 1919’!!).

Liam Carroll

Historian, Writer, Journalist

I am working on my second book with Orla and I find her so approachable and professional. No question is too silly (and I have a lot of annoying ones) and she is so helpful. If you have a book in you then Orla is the right person to get your story out there! Thank you Orla.

Samantha Kelly

Board member of the Ireland chapter of BITA - Twitter expert - connector of dots, International Speaker

I can’t praise this service enough. From the time I made contact with Orla Kelly Publishing, I knew that my life long ambition to become a published author would be fulfilled. That is now a reality and I have totally enjoyed the journey. Orla was there every time I had a question. I could not have done it without her. I would say to anyone, and I do, this is the way to go.

Tessa Daly

I highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing for anyone looking to self publish. I found Orla initially approachable and very friendly. Once I started working with her she was professional, efficient and more than that I felt she really cared about my book and did an amazing job on getting my book out there. She is committed and available for communication without delay. Many thanks Orla, great job.

Elizabeth Sheehan

Author of 'Beneath the Visible', Crystal Healing Practitioner and Reiki master

I published my debut book on 14 March 2020- an illustrated collection of short stories from my work as a vet. I am so glad I found Orla and her publishing service. Orla offered a very personal service, literally from my word document to a paperback in my hand. Unlike other publishers, who require payment plus rights, Orla offered me a contract that allowed me to keep all of my rights. Working with Orla, from the very  beginning I just knew I was in good hands. Orla read ( and proof read) my edited text and showed great enthusiasm and was able to converse with me about my stories. With my stories and artwork organisation, Orla made some great suggestions and took care of all the IT things I dreaded. I was writing my second book whilst Orla worked on my first and I found I could give my new project my full attention.  I am really happy with the final result and the service from Orla has been outstanding, even with some unexpected little extras. Look no further if you wish to self publish with a helping hand. Please keep up the fabulous work Orla! Self publishing authors in Ireland ( and perhaps abroad- your service is rare!) need you. I can’t ever really thank you enough. 5/5 stars for sure.

Austin Donnelly

Veterinarian and author

Orla was reliable, attentive, and basically wonderful to work with.  She was sympathetic to any ideas put forward, yet she sensitively made helpful and very important suggestions when appropriate.

Orla worked to her deadlines, but showed flexibility to me regarding deadlines where it was needed.

I very much appreciated the quality and care of her proofreading accuracy and overall attention to detail.  I was relieved that she was just as passionate about the quality of the finished product as I was.

I appreciated that Orla didn’t just work with one graphic designer, but gave us a choice, discussing openly the pros and cons of both.

Her company represented value for money because she offers the whole package, a comprehensive service, from receiving a manuscript to final marketing.

The entire process was well managed, and I appreciated the professional approach, yet with my hand being held throughout for the publication Two Saints & A Lot of Us Sinners - The History of One of Ireland’s Oldest Historical Castles

Catherine Robinson

Author of 'Two Saints & A Lot of Us Sinners' and 'The History of One of Ireland's Oldest Historical Castles'

It was such a great pleasure to work with Orla. She is so professional and exudes great patience. I kept going back and forth changing things and she just took it under her belt, graciously. She is such a caring person too and I look forward to working with her on my next book. I would highly recommend her services.

Lindsay Lauren Stroud

From the moment I contacted Orla Kelly Publications I have had a superb service and was extremely well advised about my options when it came to publishing / self publishing. Having done some homework about the self publishing route I was daunted as each solution seemed to lead to another article / video/webinar, etc. Orla was most helpful and outlined my options while at the same time accommodating my wishes about my book in a realistic and sensible way. I never felt pressured or felt that what I wanted to see in print was being compromised. Having my final draft complete and proofread,  turnaround time from my first contact with Orla to my book on Amazon, was two weeks. An excellent service.

Noel Howard

Author of 'Ballinacarriga Kilworth - A House, A Family, A Village'

When I first started my writings of Jesus the Healer’  I wasn’t even certain they would become a book - perhaps they would be notes for a few presentations in a parish hall, or the subject matter for an interview, or just remain my personal diary of my healing experiences with Jesus.

However the  ‘lockdown’ changed all that and I had more time on my hands, so by chance I was scrolling through self publishers on the internet and for some reason Orla Kelly Self publishing stood out to me way ahead of the possy! I had a gut feeling that if I was to take the plunge and publish a book, that Orla’s company would be the one to contact. So I did contact her company though with some trepidation to make that first enquiry and the rest as they say is history…

I would like to say that Orla Kelly Self Publishing is a wonderful company to help you get your book published! Orla herself is very professional and methodical and she is very experienced in her trade. Her timing for different aspects of the publishing process is impeccable and she has great empathy with her customers. She is adaptable and helps you at every step of the way in what otherwise could be a daunting process for a first time author. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Orla as your publisher. I could not have done this without her. All the very best for the future, Orla and I hope to work with you again at some stage!

Shirley Keogh

Teacher and Author of 'Jesus The Healer'

It’s the Law of Attraction, isn’t it! You are a joy to work with. You know the encouragement you gave me with our first video call was a big player for me. I was coming to you with nothing but an idea in my head, a limited budget, and no knowledge of anything regarding this field so I could have been so easily discouraged by whomever I was dealing with but you literally gave me the feeling that this was absolutely possible and that you believed in me and here we are now and it’s complete! So thank you for your kindness, your faith in me, and for being a beautiful energy to work with.

Amanda Dalton

Author of 'The Secret of the Wizard's Wand - The Law of Attraction for Children'

Thanks so much for a superb job. The training video you sent to access the account was most helpful.  I haven’t seen an actual copy of the book yet (I ordered one today),  but all seems well. Your excellent work on everything, especially the cover, was much appreciated.  I don’t think I could have picked a better person for the job!

Tom Pirkle

Author of 'The Eyes Have Water'

I decided to write a children’s book for my little boy. I’d never done anything like this before and was totally new to it. I researched online to find a publisher and after checking a few I came across Orla’s website. Straight away I knew I wanted to work with her. Orla was the only publisher who I felt put a personal touch in her work and didn’t seem like a corporate company. I felt that, for what I wanted to do, she was exactly the kind of person I wanted to work with and I was right. I got in touch and Orla got back right away. Orla guided and supported me from start to finish and my book was published within the timeframe she had said it would be at the start. She really made the journey not just easy but fun as well. I learnt a lot from her and would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to publish their work. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.

Phares El Essawi

Author of 'The Friendly Shark'

Orla Kelly is the calm oasis in a storm. In the very turbulent world of  all things publishing she is a safe and steady pair of hands and her help and professionalism was invaluable to me. She is able to take the seed of an idea from very humble beginnings to an accomplished and painless conclusion. The completed product is a source of great joy and sense of achievement, rare sentiments in our world now.
We both pretended that I wasn’t a complete technological idiot and Orla carried it off with great aplomb!
She will certainly be my first port of call when I finish my next book - whether she likes it or not - and I look forward to working with her again in the near future .
Thank you, Orla.

Susan Newman

Author of 'Silent Lives' and 'Betrayal'

When you have the notion to write and then publish a book but have no idea how to go about it and YouTube videos are simply not enough - take my advice and contact Orla Kelly!
This lady is professional, understanding and amazingly efficient .
She patiently talked me through every step and was always available for advice and direction - no matter what time. I live in Australia and juggling the time differences for zoom calls or phone calls or emails was never a problem.
There is no way as a first-time writer I could ever have managed to get my book out there without Orla.
From editing, book design and marketing recommendations Orla does it all.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone setting out on a book publishing dream, I could not have been more pleased with the result. Thanks Orla.

Barbara Le Bas

Author of 'Oofle Dust: The Story of Albert le Bas Ireland’s Foremost Magical Entertainer'

Just after the completion of my first novel, I happened to hear Orla speak on the Saturday Cafe on WLRFM. I immediately knew Orla Kelly Publishing was who I wanted to assist me in the publishing of my first book.

From the first consultation to the final edit, Orla was both professional and supportive. Encouraging me every step of the way. Always a pleasure to work with, even in the exceptional circumstances of working through Covid 19. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishers to anybody wishing to publish their writing. Orla really helps you bring your dream to life.

Siobhan Clancy

Author of 'Secrets That Created Wishes'

When I took the decision to self-publish, I contacted two publishing partners, recommended by other writers who had taken the same route to market.  I duly received two prompt replies, and of the two of them, Orla’s was the more inviting and encouraging.   Right from the get-go, I felt Orla was invested in me as a writer, and  I came away from our initial meeting knowing I was in safe hands.  Over the course of the few weeks that the whole process took, Orla communicated openly and clearly with me, giving me all the information and assistance I needed; without ever overwhelming me, or leaving me with any questions unanswered.  Orla Kelly is professional, empathetic, enthusiastic and dedicated - I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is brave enough to put their work out there, and who also wants the end product to be everything they hope it can be.

Kevin McCormack

Author of 'Verses Versus Verses'

My first book is called Perfectly Imperfect Parenting: Connection Not Perfection, and connection is exactly what I felt when I first spoke to Orla Kelly about publishing it. Orla was friendly and approachable from the outset, but also had the expertise I needed in terms of layout and presentation of the book. I have to say I am so happy with the final product! Every aspect, from the graphic design of the cover image, to the layout of the Chapters and the fonts and graphics within, have turned out better than I could have hoped. Orla not only offers her own expertise but offers a comprehensive service from beginning to end of the process which is just what a first-time author needs! Thank you Orla!

Dr Mary O'Kane

Author of 'Perfectly Imperfect Parenting: Connection Not Perfection'

I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing to all aspiring authors. The work Orla does is incredible. Orla makes new authors dreams come true that is to see your work in print. Thank you very much Orla I’ll be back when my next book is finished.

Anne Watson

Author of 'Thirty-Eight Shades Lighter - A Selection of Empowering and Inspirational Essays for Personal Growth, Overcoming Adversity and Finding Happiness'

Orla it was a pleasure working with you, never in my wildest dreams did I think I could write a book and a successful book at that! I’ve hit the highest rankings for a self-published author in my niche and words fail me!
Many thanks for getting my book to market, using your wizardry and expertise catapulted my book to a specific niche and pushed my book up the rankings.
Clever strategies and tactics and an understanding of my book along with my amazing graphic team have sent this book into the stratosphere in regards to sales.
Thanks so much for being at the end of a phone when needed and working all hours to get the book to market. You’re simply the best.

Trish O'Flaherty

Author of 'Baking With A Touch Of Magic'

I find it hard to put into words the support that Orla Kelly has given me as I have brought the Thrive series of Nature Outdoor Activities for children and families into the world. She is brilliant at her job, she knows the publishing world inside and out, she will help you avoid the pitfalls and make the most of every self-publishing opportunity.

She is a superb editor and book designer; she collaborates on a vision for your book in a way that supports your vision without dominating it. All of her suggestions in Thrive were brilliant, and added value in every sense of that word to the book for readers and book sellers.

Her attention to detail is legendary, and she is accommodating and available in a calm and reassuring way.

Above all, Orla is a warm and wonderful human being who loves authors and books. She is a very talented and efficient book publisher. She made this nerve-wracking experience joyful and productive. I highly recommend her to any author, she will support and encourage you and your work in the very best way that it is possible to do so.

Gillian Powell

Author of 'Thrive Outdoor Nature Books'

In 2019 I attended a conference for aspiring writers, and I chatted with people there who had “sorry tales” to tell of years wasted chasing publishers. Eventually, after becoming disillusioned by countless rejection slips and ominous comments about “slush piles” they had resorted to self-publishing. I toyed with the idea of following this route, but I was wary of approaching a random publisher as the term caveat emptor flashed in my brain. So, I left my first book to one side and proceeded to continue writing non-fiction pieces. However, when COVID-19 arrived on our island and with it, restriction after restriction, I had all the time in the world and so I wrote my second novel.

Then in December 2020 I like to think that my guardian angel helped me to meet with a certain person (in a queue). We happened to start talking about books and then publishing and the name Orla Kelly was mentioned. This individual had published work with Orla`s help and spoke very highly of her professional competence.

I emailed Orla the following week and so my journey into the world of self-publishing had begun. It must be said that Orla embodies all the characteristics that one would look for in a publisher. She has extremely high standards and works tirelessly to ensure the best possible result. She is kind, patient and always prompt when replying to emails. Despite her absolute professionalism there is a sense that she really enjoys the challenge of bringing the work of first -time authors into the public domain. This was evident when it came to choosing a cover for both books as I was determined to find ones that encapsulated the mood of each story.

If you are wary of stepping into the unchartered waters of self-publishing talk with Orla. You will quickly realize that you have a master mariner at the helm to guide you to a safe harbour.

Anne Frehill

Author of 'When Silence Hurts' and 'Reapers of Justice'

I finally decided to become an author in 2020 after debating the idea over again and again. I spent a lot of time researching the best ways to publish and by chance, I came across Orla Kelly Publishing. It was one of the smartest moves I had made. Publishing a book can be so overwhelming but with Orla’s help it seemed so easy. She took the stress away by managing the publishing details. She happily answered any question I had by email, phone or video call.

Orla is responsive, professional and caring. She is passionate about her work and dedicates her time to providing a proficient service.

I don’t think I would have published my novel without Orla’s extraordinary help. She went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the final product.

Ila Quinn

Author of 'Cinders and Rime'

I engaged the services of Orla Kelly publishers earlier this year to publish my first book Midlife Women Rock: A Menopause Story for a New Generation. From our first conversation I knew Orla was the individual to bring my vision for the book to reality. Her professionalism and the high quality of the work she produces has to be recommended. She has been so easy to work with, readily available by phone or email throughout the process. Her ongoing direction, feedback and insightful knowledge of the publishing world made the whole process an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, her calm approach really reassured me that the book would be ready for publication in October 2021 and we made it! From a first-time writer’s perspective, I highly recommend Orla and her team and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Breeda Birmingham

Author of 'Cinders and RimeMidlife Women Rock: A Menopause Story for a New Generation'

At the end of five years’ work on my book, it was time to hand my project over to someone who could, and did, make my pipedream a reality.

That was daunting as I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, and even a slight slip-up in the closing stages would have bothered me going forward – published author or not. After hearing good things about Orla Kelly, I decided she was the person to trust, and she delivered on that trust. She far exceeded it, really, as the books that were delivered to my home were of a quality I would have felt greedy in demanding. Simply put, my book looked as good as any I’d seen. 

Orla was professional throughout, but she was also easy to get along with and made what could have been a stressful few months seem very breezy. I would happily recommend Orla’s work to anyone who is thinking of publishing their writing.

Tadhg Evans

Author of 'A Storied Kingdom: Sports, culture, history, and human-interest stories from County Kerry'

I didn’t know Orla Kelly before I contacted her about my book project. She shared her knowledge and gave me valuable self-publishing advice. Orla let me work away at my own pace until I was happy to start the self-publishing process. What I really liked was that Orla was realistic about my goals and time-frame. At each step she delivered promptly. Her cover design was a winner, and has been widely admired. Self-publication offered me the opportunity to put forward my own ideas for both content and design. Orla turned them into a book I am very proud of. In the frantic final two weeks she was available to check and correct things. She was personally interested in my writing project, and it showed. I couldn’t help smiling when I got the first copy! Publishing is changing, and Orla Kelly is right on the cusp of that change

Carole Coleman

Broadcaster and Author of 'News from Under a Coat Stand'

Orla was recommended to us by a close and dear friend. Before we decided to handover my book to any publisher of course we looked around.

But the moment I spoke to Orla over the phone as we were in lockdown and never met as in person only on online, I knew straight away my book was in capable hands and that’s exactly how it was from day one to the day it went to the printers, Amazon and Ingramspark. And the design of the front and back covers the layout I was so impressed.

I would recommend Orla to anyone specially if it’s your first book because anytime something was not clear you can email or call Orla too.

It was lovely experience from start to end and certainly for my next book I will not look around for anyone. Thank you so much.

Kamalika Ranasingha

Author of 'Kamalika’s Recipes with Love'

Having been successfully steered through the minefield of self publishing by Orla Kelly for my first book, I again engaged her for my second. As previously, I found her of enormous assistance. Nothing was too much of a problem and I found her practical advice around editing properly and proofreading of most benefit. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Noel Howard

Author of 'Only Strangers Here'

I really enjoyed working with Orla on publishing my books and journals. Orla has a wealth of knowledge which she generously shares. From the outset she communicated clearly, made the process easier, saved me lots of time - I also learned lots from her. I would recommend anyone who’s considering self-publishing to pick up the phone and contact Orla.

Maria Burke


After three years gathering my thoughts, and three years writing, I approached Orla. My script clearly needed refining… cleaning up. From the very moment Orla said… “your title is too long, you shouldn’t throw the kitchen sink at your audience”, I confidently allowed Orla to begin refining what I had written. The final form of the published book is testimony to Orla’s professionalism, honesty, hard work and kindness. I am very happy with the final form and shape my book has taken. It wouldn’t have happened without you Orla. Thanks!

Tommy Treacy

Author of 'We Think We Own It: A Journey Towards Sustainability'

Self publishers like me are a growing bunch and we need professionals in the field to guide us and enable us to concentrate on the writing while they do their magic to get manuscript into print and out into the world, so happy to mention Orla Kelly Publishing, If you’re thinking of getting your book published look no further than Orla Kelly - she’s a fountain of knowledge on all things publishing, she’s professional and approachable and she’ll take you through the process from beginning to end. What more could a writer wish for? Safe hands , a good heart and a wise head. She’s got it.

Eleanore O Kelly Lynch-The Girl With Special Knees

Orla has been invaluable to me as an indie author and just a wonderful, lovable being! Thank you Orla!

Jane Buckley

Author of 'The Stones Corner' series

Orla is brilliant at what she does.

Not only does she make writing a book a pleasure, she’s a wonderful human being who brings a compelling exuberance to every interaction.

Orla is not only my “go to” book publisher (she also published my wife’s book), she is Faculty for Book Publishing at my Conscious Coaching Academy™️ - providing a crucial component of the authority positioning we teach to our Elite Influencers in our award winning Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™️.

If you’d love to write a book, but don’t know how (or doubt you can), do all you can to hire Orla.

She has a proven, step-by-step process and working with her will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your career.

If she’s willing to work with you, you have my word you won’t regret it.

Christian Simpson

Conscious Coaching Academy

I worked with Orla on a fiction title. She’s a special, professional person who will help you through the publishing process.

Sharon Thompson

Orla I can’t wait to launch my Design & Styling Book in the next few weeks. You have been incredible each step of the way! Recommend you to all.

Natasha Rocca Devine

Award-winning Interior Designer and Stylist

Highly recommend Orla Kelly, Book Publisher she gives detailed and personal care at every step of your book journey.

Sharon Fitzmaurice

Wellness coach, Author and Podcast Host

From our first conversation, I knew that Orla understood what I wanted to do through my writing. Her calm, warm yet professional manner made me feel reassured along the way. She listened, guided and communicated throughout the whole process.

Thank you very much Orla,

Catherine Murnin

Author of 'The Wellbeing Pathway'

I highly recommend Orla Kelly. I am extremely happy with the final published book. It is of the highest quality standard and all readers so far have remarked on that. Orla helped me with improving the quality of many diagrams and illustrations in the book. She was meticulous with all the editing and proof-reading..Orla’s Cover Design for my book is very clever and grabs attention.

I was dreading all the technical  IT side of the final production and the uploading to Amazon, Kindle and Ingram Sparks. But Orla did all of this for me which I really appreciated. 

The whole process from my initial contact with Orla to final production and going live on Amazon only took 5 months. Without Orla’s support and expertise this would have taken a very long time.

Orla always was available to support me on the phone and by email. Her support to me was invaluable.

Hopefully the book will justify all her efforts and support by impacting as many lives as possible.

Gerard Morgan

Author of Becoming Your Best Possible Self

Orla Kelly helped me develop and publish my first novel The Genius Killer. The process was both a joy and a severely steep learning process for me. Every step of the way Orla guided me with clarity and pace. No question was a daft one and each task was completed on time and on message. My novel, when published, looked and felt exactly how I had wanted it to. The proofing process had been dealt with sensitively and there was never a problem when I made corrections - sometimes quite a few and many late in the process. Patience is just one of Orla’s many qualities. Orla got the book to market with absolute minimum fuss via paperback and ebook and when it came to the audiobook Orla solved every problem that evolved. Orla helped to keep me calm when my concerns made me nervous and, by the end of our project, I was a very content and happy customer.

Another aspect of Orla’s service is her after care. She will continue your relationship after publication to make sure everything stays on track and to help you with getting free copies and promo codes for reviewers. All round I’m extremely happy with Orla Kelly Publishing and would recommend her to any author - in particular those who, like me, were debut novelists.

Mark Robson

Author: The Genius Killer

“Working was Orla is an absolute pleasure! She has been so obliging and responsive throughout the entire publishing process. Nothing is too much trouble. Orla went above and beyond to explain processes and address any queries, niggles and special requests and for that I am truly grateful. Orla also introduced me to some wonderful people in her network. The dream team!

Thank you for your kindness, patience and professionalism Orla!”

Dearbhaile O'Hare

Author of Things Go T*ts Up!

I appreciated so much the considerable care and attention you paid to every word in the book.   I feel sure you will be blessed with a reward that equals the emotion that you spent on our behalf.
Marian O Mahony

Co-author of Positively Palliative - Stories of Care, Loss and Love

Orla Kelly is, quite simply, excellent at her job. The time and effort and attention to detail that she gave me, to say nothing of her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the whole process, were phenomenal. Orla took care of all the nitty-bitty elements of properly formatting the book and setting it up to sell online while constantly checking in with me that I was happy with each stage. I must add that she was also an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing for anyone looking to get their book published to a professional standard.
Elizabeth O Brien

Author of Curry, Chaos and Love - The Story of an Irish Girl's Life-Changing Journey to India

Being a first time Author, I was at a loss as to the next steps to get my book published. Through a friend of mine I made contact with Orla Kelly Publishing Ltd. I am now delighted that I took that route to publish my book.Orla Kelly herself was most helpful and thoughtful with all aspects of my publication. Even after my book came off the printing presses she continued to guide and direct me through the various stages to get my book into the public domain. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing to anyone thinking of writing something to be published. Thank you Orla.
Maurice Heffernan

Author of Once There Was A Boy Who Survived

Angela Afieghe PMP MBA

Author of Blister to Bliss

I had the pleasure of experiencing Orla’s guidance, expertise, and support recently as I was working on my first book. Orla was there every step of the way. Her patience and kindness, combined with her considerable credentials, helped to make the entire process one of learning as well as rewarding.

Orla exceeded my expectations in every way.

She guided me every step of the way. Every question I had was answered fully. Every concern was addressed. She provided input and suggestions to elevate the editing and publishing process, and offered expertise to make the finished product- and marketing- even better. Even when, after the book was published, additional revisions were requested, she answered the call with enthusiasm, responding immediately to any request I had.

Best yet- not only is she brilliant at what she does, she’s one of the nicest people on the planet, who’s primary objective is the success of her Clients.

I look forward to working with Orla again and again in the future as I create the audio version of my current book, as well as future books I’m ideating as well. I encourage urgency in getting on this amazing woman’s calendar before it fills up! She is simply the best there is.

Deb Dredden

Author of Choice Is Your SuperPower

Dr. Marianne Roux

Author of Leadership Fit for the Future of Work

I would highly recommend Orla as the person to help you write and publish your book.

Thank you Orla so much x

Aisling Nestor

Michael Cummins

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