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Books I Publish


All types of fiction published. Check out the range of books I published in this category.

Non Fiction

A diverse range of non-fiction books from memoirs,  educational, entertaining etc.

How To Succeed In Your First Job

Business Books

For anyone who recognises the value in having a book to grow their business and establish their authority and thought-leadership..

Children's Books

Beautiful children’s books published for all ages to enjoy.


Whether you want to modify your thesis or publish other research or academic work, all works catered for.


Religious books published for all religious sectors.

Wisdom of Wellbeing published by Orla Kelly Publishing


All types of poetry published, either complete works or blended with story.


Capturing history both local and international in books-illustrated or unillustrated.

Cookery Books

All types of cuisine and cookery books catered for.

How I Can Help You

Book Design and Layout

The book will be designed for reader appeal, visual impact and ease of readability. You will come away with a beautiful book and eye-catching professional cover.

Print and Digital Books

Paperback, hardback print copies in a wide range of sizes catered for. All ebooks designed too.

Audio Books

Audiobook set up using the ACX publishing platform.  Audiobook covers designed also.


A “talk to publish” style process where all the hard work is taken care of for you. Carried out in recorded interview, transcription, editing, and book compilation logically and sequentially for positive impact and readability.


I have a few trusted editors that I call upon should you require any level of editing.

Training and Mentoring

I provide training to all my clients and create tailormade packages for other training you may be interested in. Mentorship for non-fiction publishing.

Book Marketing Support

I offer book marketing support services and have specialist marketing specialists I call upon for some aspects.

Promotional Material

I create digital media kits, digital book launch posters and flyers and social media infographics tailored for you and your book.

Account Management

I provide recorded training on online account management for Amazon and Ingramspark and also can manage your account for you if you prefer to outsource.

Self Publishing Options

These options combine a range of self-publishing services and are very popular. Tailor-made hybrid options are also available depending on your specific publishing needs and budget, so please reach out should you prefer a customised solution. These packages cover all self published books excluding business books.

Business Publishing Options

These are dedicated services tailored to business professionals. The key focus is on content, layout, call to action, and key takeaways to build the know-like and trust factor. The book will be used as a marketing tool and resource and will showcase their expertise,  attract more clients and grow their business.

"I feel so lucky to really love what I do. This comes across in the quality of the books that I publish and in the number of authors whose dream I have made a reality. "

I’m ready when you are, your published book awaits!

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