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For my self-publishing clients in Ireland, I have prepared this simple schematic explaining the different components of the self-publishing process. It is often easier to understand the different parts when you break them down and present them in a diagram format.

The schematic below shows how a final edited document can be converted to digital download, be formatted for print on demand or as a print book where the author is either given the digital file for them to get printed (print ready) or actual print copies were given of their final book.

Book Formatting

self publishing in Ireland

The schematic below shows how a book formatted for digital can be converted into a Kindle book or eBook or both, thus giving more choices for Irish authors.


eBook publishing Ireland

Next, we look at Print on Demand (POD). What is great about this is that the author does not need to store any stock. Instead any readers who want a print copy of the book, order the print version from distributors such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble etc. Once the order is processed, the book printing and shipping is taken care of by a fulfillment centre. The sale is then credited in the author’s account and royalties lodged.

Print on Demand (POD)

Print on demand Ireland

Print Books

Finally, we come to print books. Here books can be printed for the author through a traditional printer. The author can send the files for print via email to their printer of choice or the publisher can order print copies via their own printer. This is more economical if ordering a large number of copies. Many printing houses have a minimum print requirement of 100 copies, some 50 copies.

self publishing Ireland

Orla Kelly publishing works with reputable f printers to ensure clients get a competitive rate for all books printed.

The client can choose from a wide range of book sizes, fonts and formats. Each book is tailored to the unique individual preferences of the client so there is no standard book.

Hope this helps if you are interested in self-publishing in Ireland and maybe were a little confused about all the components. To find out more about self-publishing, download my free eBook or check out my self-publishing services.


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