self publish Ireland2016 is looking like it will be nicely busy for me for self publishing. I am so lucky to love what I do and because I was an author first, I know what its like. I started with writing then publishing on Amazon as a Kindle book, then print on demand book, then several. I then moved on to other online global book distribution systems such as Smashwords and Ingram Spark.

I can make any type of eBook or print book and offer print copies too-with no minimum order. I offer a fast turnaround too because it is a personal service. I was accepted on the Greenshoots Emerging Entrepreneur program in 2015 and turned my passion into a business that I adore.

I love to help others get their writing published, it is as simple as that. I read all unpublished work not because I have to but because I am genuinely interested. I also like to get to know all the authors I work with. When published in digital or print format, I order copies the books I published-I hate to part with them!

I am so proud to have worked with great authors who now live their dream.  I don’t offer a conveyor belt type of service but I remain personally involved and committed to everyone I work with. Never give up on your dreams-it is the stuff magic is made of!



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