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self publish kindleIf you want to self publish on Kindle, there are many great advantages to doing so. What I like so much is that you can make changes to the content of your book at any time, which is great if you later see a typo or see a sentence which really annoys you!  You can also update your book to inform readers of any other books you wrote and include direct links in your updated book to where your other books can be found on Amazon so that if a reader likes your book, they are taken to a place where they can buy more.

You can change the price at any time and test the market to see which price point works best. In addition, if you publish exclusively on Amazon you can avail of their free promotion tools such as Kindle count down deals or free book promotions. See the types of merchandising tools you can avail of below.

Merchandising program How it can help
Managing the Availability of Your Book Select which countries you have rights to sell in
Linking Kindle and Print Editions If you have other formats of your book available, link them to your Kindle edition
Linking from Your Website Link directly from your website to your book
Lending for Kindle When readers buy a book they like, they can lend it to others
Sample Chapters Show potential readers a small portion of your book
Gifting for Kindle Customers can buy Kindle editions for others
Tips for Merchandising Good reminders for how to make the most of listings on Amazon
Kindle Countdown Deals Use a limited-time discount with a countdown timer to call attention to your title
Kindle MatchBook Customers who purchase other editions of your book can buy your Kindle edition at a reduced price
Free Promotions You can make your book available at no charge for a limited time
Kindle Pre-Order Allow customers to order your  book as early as 90 days before your book’s release date.
Advertising for KDP Select Purchase advertising to promote your KDP-Select-enrolled books.

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