I would highly recommend Orla Kelly for all your publishing requirements. She was extremely thorough, hard working, and she did all of her work in very good time and very efficiently. She was very reasonable in what she charged for her work and she did absolutely everything for me. She was very kind and agreeable to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of having a writing published. It was a dream come true

Patricia Fitzpatrick

Author of 'Christian Healing'

I decided to write and publish my book, called Whisperings of My Soul over Christmas 2017. This was in thanksgiving to Jesus for a series of beautiful and awesome consolations of faith I received in response to my prayers of desolation following the death of my darling wife Liz. I believed my sharing of these consolations could bring support, consolations and an affirmation in their faith to many troubled people.

By spring of 2017 I had submitted a broad outline of my writings to a number of publishers. All thought it was a lovely story that should be told, but it did not appear to have the necessary broad appeal that would make it commercially viable to publish.

Disappointed I searched the internet for self-publishing agencies that I might hire to assist me in self-publishing, my by now first draft manuscript. This acknowledgement of Gods loving presence in our lives was and is precious to me and I wanted my account of it to be the best I could make it be. In addition to researching agencies on the internet I started to read excerpts of books by self-publishing agencies. I read an excerpt of a book called Mommy I Don’t Want to Die, published by Orla Kelly Publishing. It appeared to give the precious subject matter in that book the type of treatment I wanted. I looked up Orla Kelly Publishing; I recall one testimonial saying thank God for Orla Kelly, I thought that is what I want to be able to say when my book is published.

I phoned Orla giving her a status on my writings and saying three key priorities for me were

* That the subject matter would have the same sensitive treatment as Mommy I Don’t Want to Die.

* That the book would have the same professional lay out and appearance.

* That I wanted to have it published pre-Christmas of 2018.

Orla reviewed my writings gave me some advice on a proposed structure for the book and advised me to hire a good editor. After a discussion on what felt I wanted and she felt I needed. Oral recommended Kathryn Rogers.

Orla supported and guided me professionally and safely through the process and mechanics of publishing. Including the mine field of copyrights, lay out for printing, front cover design, recruiting and managing the hard copy printing, and installation on Amazon and Kindle e/book.

My book was launched very successfully on December 7th 2018, on budget, and is now being distributed nationwide by Veritas. Orla in collaboration with Kathryn Rogers my editor supported me in producing more than I hoped for in my most optimistic dreams, and I dreamt big for this precious gift.

I had hoped when my book was published I could say thank God for Orla Kelly and that is exactly what I want to say about Orla.

Fr Sean Hyland

Author of 'Whispers Of My Soul'

When I first started my writings of Jesus the Healer’  I wasn’t even certain they would become a book - perhaps they would be notes for a few presentations in a parish hall, or the subject matter for an interview, or just remain my personal diary of my healing experiences with Jesus.

However the  ‘lockdown’ changed all that and I had more time on my hands, so by chance I was scrolling through self publishers on the internet and for some reason Orla Kelly Self publishing stood out to me way ahead of the possy! I had a gut feeling that if I was to take the plunge and publish a book, that Orla’s company would be the one to contact. So I did contact her company though with some trepidation to make that first enquiry and the rest as they say is history…

I would like to say that Orla Kelly Self Publishing is a wonderful company to help you get your book published! Orla herself is very professional and methodical and she is very experienced in her trade. Her timing for different aspects of the publishing process is impeccable and she has great empathy with her customers. She is adaptable and helps you at every step of the way in what otherwise could be a daunting process for a first time author. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Orla as your publisher. I could not have done this without her. All the very best for the future, Orla and I hope to work with you again at some stage!

Shirley Keogh

Teacher and Author of 'Jesus The Healer'

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