Publishing Religious Books in Ireland

religious booksWhen it comes to publishing religious books in Ireland, Veritas are the market leader. Unfortunately they can only publish approximately forty books per year out of all the submissions they receive. Sometimes I wonder do the authors give up or try elsewhere to get published.

Recently I published my first religious book on Christian Healing. It had a very strong Catholic sentiment going through the book and it discussed everything from the teachings of the Catholic Church, to saints, Mary, Jesus, angels, prayers and other forms of healing. It contained fifteen chapters and lovely photographs inserted into each chapter, set the prayerful mood that was carried through out the entire book.

I know when I was working on it, and working with the author, I couldn’t help but feel my life was enriched by its content. In the midst of publishing this religious book, I found that it made me pause and take stock of my life and helped reinforce my awareness and knowledge of a higher power out there that can enter and guide our life, if we are receptive.

Not only do I publish religious themed books, but I also publish in the self-help, philosophical, spiritual and family based genres.


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