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Your book is published and you may wonder what is the next step-There is lots to do!

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Brexit Notification

Please note: Things have changed with book ordering from the UK-this includes Ingramspark author copies and any Purchases from via your KDP author dashboard. Please order any copies from now. This short video will explain!

What about getting reviews for your book?

I always recommend that print and ebooks have a page at the back of the book asking the reader to leave an honest review of your book. For print books, they need to go to Amazon and making sure they are logged in, find the book and scroll to the bottom of the page where the star rating is located. this is where a reader can leave a review. For kindle books, a live review link can be incorporated so the reader just has to click on the link and be taken directly to the review page. These are the best ways to get reviews.

Asking, asking and more asking and reminding via social media about leaving reviews as people can be quite lazy! Saying it once isn’t enough.

Offering your book as a free print book or ebook/pdf to gain reviews is also honest and ethical. The only difference is the reviews when the reader uploads won’t be listed as a verified purchase but once they are honest and don’t come across as incredible or too gushing in praise where it appears they are from friends, they are still legitimate reviews.

Check out this very comprehensive list of book reviewers here at The Indie Review. This list is old and may be overused but you might find some useful information when you dig down. Remember don’t ever pay for a review. Amazon can spot them. Same goes for having someone you know leave you a gushing review that screams you are friends! Amazon may not publish it and if they do, other readers aren’t stupid. Feel free to give some guidance or instruction to them. For example, John is a really sound guy, thrilled he brought out his book. Proud of you man! It’s brilliant. Totally recommend it.” This comes across that the reviewer knows the author too well to give an impartial review.

If they are to give reviews that are honest and even better if they naturally include a few relevant keywords, this will help inform readers about the content and assist in buying decisions. For example, giving the review a title “A tense courtroom drama which keeps you guessing till the end.” And for the review-“I thought I had the plot figured out early on, but as events unfolded in the courtroom, I found myself asking questions. Was Serena really unaware of what was happening or did she allow what happened to take place on her watch! Detective Tom McKenzie was some tough cookie, a seasoned cop yet very likeable. He never gave up, even at great personal cost……” Doesn’t this read more natural and also read like the reviewer actually read the book. If you were sititng on the fence, an honest and natural review can help sway readers especially if they can identify with the storyline and pick up that the book touches search terms they tend to go for.

I read both good and bad reviews for books I am interested in. I skim through the simple “Great book” ones.

Again reviews do give endorsements to your book and encourage readers to buy-only if you don’t out price yourself! Put yourself in their shoes. The risk should be low for them so they are more likely to take a chance on a new author.

I have also included a great review page on the Goodreads section below for authors looking for reviewers.


Using Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions

Have a look at these 2 videos I did on using Amazons promotional tools and what book promotion services to use. If your book is on Ingramspark which distributes to the Apple store, Barnes and Noble etc and aren’t really seeing any measurable sales, consider removing the ebook and allowing time for it to clear from the online stores before going exclusive with Kindle to avail of their promotional tools.

It also assumes you are happy to use Amazons heavy discount feature to avail of the book promotion sites mentioned ​for the duration of any promotions. To avail of Amazons promotional tools, you need to subscribe to KDP Select and agree to go exclusively with KDP for 3 months.

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Book Promotion Sites and Sites for promoting Free, discounted and 99c book deals

It is highly recommended you do not run a special offer or discounted promotion in the first few months as you will annoy readers who paid the full price for your book.

I recommend you run your kindle book promotion for 7 days and use a strategy for each of the days.

It is vital you give the book promotion sites adequate notice of a promotion being run for your book as some sites require up to 8 weeks notice so if you set a date for 3 months away to run a 7 day promotion, notify them of the day and have a different day allocated to different sites. For e.g promotion being run 1-7 March

Mar 1: Day 1 Notify your mailing list if big enough or combine with your social media if not to get the word out and send them a link to your book on Amazon.

Mar 2: Day 2 Fussy Librarian

Mar 3: Day 3 Book Barbarian

Mar 4: Day 4 Robin Reads

Mar 5: Day 5 EReaderNews Today

Mar 6: Day 6 EReaderIQ

Mar7: Day 7 Social media and Facebook advert

If you have some high review ratings on your book, it will perform better also.

What i wrote below is older content but it gives extra sites too for consideration but the ones above are the best performing.

Watch this video.

​Remember, if you are heavily discounting your book-you need to track sales revenue, sales rank and reviews.


Free Software to Help with Preparing Infographics

I use 2 software programs. First I started with Canva but now I use Getstencil. Try out both-set up free accounts. Here is a link to a video I created showing how to use them to create images for all social media.

Watch this video.

​Links for Canva and GetStencil.


To get your book into bookstores and libraries

 For Library wholesalers


Dear Sir / Madam

My name is (INSERT) and I am the author of (INSERT.) (Explain briefly about the significance of the publication).  I am writing to you because this publication is likely to be of interest to (insert) and I would be delighted if you would purchase copies of my book for stocking and distribution.

I have attached the relevant details about the book for your attention.

Please contact me if you would like any further information.

Kind regards


Library wholesalers in Ireland who distribute to the individual libraries


For Libraries


Dear Sir / Madam

My name is (INSERT) and I am the author of (INSERT). I am writing to you because this publication is likely to be of interest to (INSERT TYPE OF READER WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THIS BOOK) and I would be delighted if you would purchase a copy (copies) of my book for your library.

I have attached the relevant details about the book (ATTACH THE BOOK SALES PAGE) for your attention and it can be ordered from your wholesale provider.

Please do contact me if you would like any further information.

Kind regards


List of individual libraries to contact after you contact Hannas and O Mahonys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Short video on cheap postage of boxes to bookstores and library providers

Note: Bookstores still expect books to be posted to them so use this courier service for cheap postage by courier.


Getting your books into bookstores


Client: Insert name of bookstore

Invoice No.



Description Amount

X No. copies of INSERT BOOK NAME @€X per copy minus X% wholesale discount.






Payment terms understood as being sale or return. Payment by bank transfer to INSERT YOUR NAME IBAN XXX BIC XXX or by cheque to the address below.

With thanks


 Return address: x

 Thank you for supporting a local Irish author

 Insert your contact details here


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