In choosing to use Orla Kelly Publishing Services to publish my first book I made what I consider to be the singular most important decision in the whole venture. From our first meeting to discuss the project to the final printing of the books Orla was always encouraging, patient and most professional in all aspects of the process. Nothing was too much trouble for her and the end result was of the highest quality, I highly recommend the services of Orla Kelly Publishing to any aspiring author who is considering self publishing. For me it turned publishing my book from a fraught and stressful experience into a very enjoyable journey.
James Keoghan

Author of 'Currahoo to Santiago'

After selling the print copies of two local history books, I decided to publish them in eBook format. I got in contact with Orla Kelly, Self Publishing and found the service to be of a very high standard and attention to detail was second to none. Would highly recommend this Publishing Service.

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Joe Connolly

Author of 'Pure Drama From Behind The Spotlight' and 'Musical Theatre From Behind The Spotlight'

A huge thanks to the lovely Orla Kelly for her ongoing support and for getting my book online.

John Walsh

Author of 'Headcase - The John Walsh Story'

I am forever thankful that I chose Orla Kelly to support me in publishing my first book; she provides a bespoke service that is both efficient and professional, at a competitive cost.
I asked lots of questions, and she was always incredibly kind and helpful. Everything flowed beautifully, and I am more than happy with the results.
I highly recommend her services, indeed I have already passed her name to others.
Brigid Gallagher

Author of 'Author of Watching the Daisies-Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow'

I am a first time author. After having finished my manuscript I didn’t know where to turn. This is a daunting time for any author. I had so many hurdles to overcome – where would I find an editor, a designer, a marketing agent and someone to negotiate the often times complex procedure of uploading text and design to Amazon and Ingram Spark. I approached a number of publishers, many of whom didn’t return to me for such a long time that I had forgotten I had approached them in the first place. Then I found Orla. She managed every aspect personally and worked tirelessly to bring my book to publication - producing a book that was beyond my expectations. Her support and passion for my book never dwindled. Her attention to detail is of a very high standard and her professionalism and work ethic is exceptional. She delivers all this in a very personal and friendly manner. When she attended my book launch I told her - “The services you provide are great, but what’s more important than this is the way you provide them.” I would use Orla again and never even consider anyone else. 

Robert Barry

Author of 'The Truth - The Greatest Cover-up In History'

Choosing a publisher is the second most important thing, after writing the book, that an author can do. I have published several times, all with different publishers and this, mostly, was a pleasant experience. However, for my latest book I decided to work with Orla Kelly Publishing. This was a revelatory experience as it showed me how good the relationship between an author and his or her publisher could be.
Others have testified as to how professional, helpful and accommodating Orla is. I fully endorse these views. What they neglect to mention, however, is the good humour, can-do attitude, and sense of craic she brings to the process. Publishing with Orla was a joy and has ensured that for my next book I won’t be hunting yet another publisher, but will be picking up the phone to Orla to engage her services again.
Horror of horrors, here is me a confirmed ‘Dub’ admitting that something excellent has come from Cork. What is exceptional is wonderful.

Dr Dermot Douglas


I strongly recommend Orla Kelly as an adviser and mentor on self-publishing. Orla is exactly the mentor and guide you need to take you safely and successfully through the complex and daunting process of online and self-publishing. . She knows online and self-publishing inside out – based on years of experience. Orla will take you through everything step-by-step, simply and clearly and give good advice all along the way. She sets high standards that will benefit the ‘look and feel’ of your book and she is always focussed on getting the best solution. Orla is meticulous about proofreading. Silly errors really annoy readers. She works with the best of printers and designers, the latter being especially important since first impressions are very important in tempting readers to read a few lines of the first page. Orla is always available to chat by phone, video or Skype or to keep in touch by text and will always get back to you quickly. If the pressure comes on (as it surely will!) she remains calm and good humoured. Orla has good judgment – listen to her. For the quality of service she provides, the cost involved is realistic. Working with Orla, I’ve just successfully completed a major publishing project and I’m extremely pleased at the outcome and how we got there. This was a complex history book, lots of illustrations, index and bibliography. All delivered perfectly and in good time. (BTW, if you’re interested it’s called ‘Forgotten Revolution The Limerick Soviet 1919’!!).

Liam Carroll

Historian, Writer, Journalist

I published my debut book on 14 March 2020- an illustrated collection of short stories from my work as a vet. I am so glad I found Orla and her publishing service. Orla offered a very personal service, literally from my word document to a paperback in my hand. Unlike other publishers, who require payment plus rights, Orla offered me a contract that allowed me to keep all of my rights. Working with Orla, from the very  beginning I just knew I was in good hands. Orla read ( and proof read) my edited text and showed great enthusiasm and was able to converse with me about my stories. With my stories and artwork organisation, Orla made some great suggestions and took care of all the IT things I dreaded. I was writing my second book whilst Orla worked on my first and I found I could give my new project my full attention.  I am really happy with the final result and the service from Orla has been outstanding, even with some unexpected little extras. Look no further if you wish to self publish with a helping hand. Please keep up the fabulous work Orla! Self publishing authors in Ireland ( and perhaps abroad- your service is rare!) need you. I can’t ever really thank you enough. 5/5 stars for sure.

Austin Donnelly

Veterinarian and author

Orla was reliable, attentive, and basically wonderful to work with.  She was sympathetic to any ideas put forward, yet she sensitively made helpful and very important suggestions when appropriate.

Orla worked to her deadlines, but showed flexibility to me regarding deadlines where it was needed. 

I very much appreciated the quality and care of her proofreading accuracy and overall attention to detail.  I was relieved that she was just as passionate about the quality of the finished product as I was.

I appreciated that Orla didn’t just work with one graphic designer, but gave us a choice, discussing openly the pros and cons of both. 

Her company represented value for money because she offers the whole package, a comprehensive service, from receiving a manuscript to final marketing.

The entire process was well managed, and I appreciated the professional approach, yet with my hand being held throughout for the publication Two Saints & A Lot of Us Sinners - The History of One of Ireland’s Oldest Historical Castles 

Catherine Robinson

When you have the notion to write and then publish a book but have no idea how to go about it and YouTube videos are simply not enough - take my advice and contact Orla Kelly!
This lady is professional, understanding and amazingly efficient .
She patiently talked me through every step and was always available for advice and direction - no matter what time. I live in Australia and juggling the time differences for zoom calls or phone calls or emails was never a problem.
There is no way as a first-time writer I could ever have managed to get my book out there without Orla.
From editing, book design and marketing recommendations Orla does it all.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone setting out on a book publishing dream, I could not have been more pleased with the result. Thanks Orla.

Barbara Le Bas

Author of 'Oofle Dust: The Story of Albert le Bas Ireland’s Foremost Magical Entertainer'

I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing to all aspiring authors. The work Orla does is incredible. Orla makes new authors dreams come true that is to see your work in print. Thank you very much Orla I’ll be back when my next book is finished.

Anne Watson

Author of 'Thirty-Eight Shades Lighter - A Selection of Empowering and Inspirational Essays for Personal Growth, Overcoming Adversity and Finding Happiness'

At the end of five years’ work on my book, it was time to hand my project over to someone who could, and did, make my pipedream a reality.

That was daunting as I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, and even a slight slip-up in the closing stages would have bothered me going forward – published author or not. After hearing good things about Orla Kelly, I decided she was the person to trust, and she delivered on that trust. She far exceeded it, really, as the books that were delivered to my home were of a quality I would have felt greedy in demanding. Simply put, my book looked as good as any I’d seen. 

Orla was professional throughout, but she was also easy to get along with and made what could have been a stressful few months seem very breezy. I would happily recommend Orla’s work to anyone who is thinking of publishing their writing.

Tadhg Evans

Author of 'A Storied Kingdom: Sports, culture, history, and human-interest stories from County Kerry'

I didn’t know Orla Kelly before I contacted her about my book project. She shared her knowledge and gave me valuable self-publishing advice. Orla let me work away at my own pace until I was happy to start the self-publishing process. What I really liked was that Orla was realistic about my goals and time-frame. At each step she delivered promptly. Her cover design was a winner, and has been widely admired. Self-publication offered me the opportunity to put forward my own ideas for both content and design. Orla turned them into a book I am very proud of. In the frantic final two weeks she was available to check and correct things. She was personally interested in my writing project, and it showed. I couldn’t help smiling when I got the first copy! Publishing is changing, and Orla Kelly is right on the cusp of that change

Carole Coleman

Broadcaster and Author of 'News from Under a Coat Stand'

After three years gathering my thoughts, and three years writing, I approached Orla. My script clearly needed refining… cleaning up. From the very moment Orla said… “your title is too long, you shouldn’t throw the kitchen sink at your audience”, I confidently allowed Orla to begin refining what I had written. The final form of the published book is testimony to Orla’s professionalism, honesty, hard work and kindness. I am very happy with the final form and shape my book has taken. It wouldn’t have happened without you Orla. Thanks!

Tommy Treacy

Author of 'We Think We Own It: A Journey Towards Sustainability'

Orla is brilliant at what she does.

Not only does she make writing a book a pleasure, she’s a wonderful human being who brings a compelling exuberance to every interaction.

Orla is not only my “go to” book publisher (she also published my wife’s book), she is Faculty for Book Publishing at my Conscious Coaching Academy™️ - providing a crucial component of the authority positioning we teach to our Elite Influencers in our award winning Elite Influencer Coaching Accreditation™️.

If you’d love to write a book, but don’t know how (or doubt you can), do all you can to hire Orla.

She has a proven, step-by-step process and working with her will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your career.

If she’s willing to work with you, you have my word you won’t regret it.

Christian Simpson

Conscious Coaching Academy

Orla I can’t wait to launch my Design & Styling Book in the next few weeks. You have been incredible each step of the way! Recommend you to all.

Natasha Rocca Devine

Award-winning Interior Designer and Stylist

Highly recommend Orla Kelly, Book Publisher she gives detailed and personal care at every step of your book journey.

Sharon Fitzmaurice

Wellness coach, Author and Podcast Host

From our first conversation, I knew that Orla understood what I wanted to do through my writing. Her calm, warm yet professional manner made me feel reassured along the way. She listened, guided and communicated throughout the whole process.

Thank you very much Orla,

Catherine Murnin

Author of 'The Wellbeing Pathway'

“Working was Orla is an absolute pleasure! She has been so obliging and responsive throughout the entire publishing process. Nothing is too much trouble. Orla went above and beyond to explain processes and address any queries, niggles and special requests and for that I am truly grateful. Orla also introduced me to some wonderful people in her network. The dream team!

Thank you for your kindness, patience and professionalism Orla!”

Dearbhaile O'Hare

Author of 'Things Go T*ts Up!'

I appreciated so much the considerable care and attention you paid to every word in the book.   I feel sure you will be blessed with a reward that equals the emotion that you spent on our behalf.
Marian O Mahony

Co-author of Positively Palliative - Stories of Care, Loss and Love

Orla Kelly is, quite simply, excellent at her job. The time and effort and attention to detail that she gave me, to say nothing of her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the whole process, were phenomenal. Orla took care of all the nitty-bitty elements of properly formatting the book and setting it up to sell online while constantly checking in with me that I was happy with each stage. I must add that she was also an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing for anyone looking to get their book published to a professional standard.
Elizabeth O Brien

Author of Curry, Chaos and Love - The Story of an Irish Girl's Life-Changing Journey to India

Being a first time Author, I was at a loss as to the next steps to get my book published. Through a friend of mine I made contact with Orla Kelly Publishing Ltd. I am now delighted that I took that route to publish my book.Orla Kelly herself was most helpful and thoughtful with all aspects of my publication. Even after my book came off the printing presses she continued to guide and direct me through the various stages to get my book into the public domain. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing to anyone thinking of writing something to be published. Thank you Orla.
Maurice Heffernan

Author of Once There Was A Boy Who Survived

I could not have published my book without Orla - she is an incredible resource for self publishing authors - she guided me through every single step with vast knowledge and experience. She is responsive, caring and very capable. I highly recommend working with her to get your book published.
Dr. Marianne Roux

Author of Leadership Fit for the Future of Work

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