book descriptionWhen it comes to writing a good description for your book, it is important to remember that other than your book cover and title, your book description is what will encourage and or discourage any potential readers from reading your book.

You only have a short time to hold the interest of any potential readers so make those words count and chose them carefully. What you deem important for a reader to know may not interest them at all.

What your book description needs

At a minimum, a strong opening paragraph should set the scene, the tone and the mood of the book. Be sure to include words like ‘If you like action-adventure books, you will enjoy this fast-paced….’ Rather than simply saying ‘Action packed’ or ‘Fast-paced’.

Try to include something exciting that will hold someone’s attention or hint at something that will happen in the book. Try to build some momentum in your description so that the potential reader will want to read your book. Lift the words off the page and make them come alive.

If your description is lack-luster, it will hardly entice any one to want to read the book. They may assume that they will get more of the same.

You have come this far, and got everything else right, don’t fall down here.

If you have sent out review copies, incorporate positive feedback into your description. See how your book differs from others. There will always be something different about your book so focus on this and see how it can work to your advantage.

Prepare a number of short descriptions (150 words) and test them on others. Read them out loud. Make sure the words flow right. You can always write more than 150 words but the first 150 words may be all anyone will read so get this right.

Quote other authors who influenced your writing. For example, if your book is written in the style of Stephen King, mention this.

Have a look at other books that are selling well in your genre. Read the book descriptions. If you look on Amazon you will see you can only read a small amount and you have to click to read more. Make someone want to click! Look at their style, length and content. Apply and modify for your book.

Never be afraid to make changes or test different descriptions to see which attracts more readers.





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