write a bookWhy You Should Write A Book

There are so many people I have met from all walks of life who tell me, “I couldn’t do what you are doing, I could never write a book.”

Do you know what I tell them?

“Did you ever tell a story or recall an event to someone in so much detail, it was as if they were beside you reliving the event too?”

If you can answer “yes” to this, then you can write it down, and what you write down forms the basis of a book. Think of all the wonderful memories we have of loved ones, dear friends or colleagues who have gone before us.

It’s to late now to wish they wrote down all those wonderful things, those memories, those stories, they way they told them, all the great things they did with their life, unless of course you agree to write down these memories.

Now imagine someone saying that about you and all the great things you know, the stories you tell, your life experiences…

We all have that magic inside of us that needs to be unleashed and allowed to express itself.

What a shame if we lived in a subdued world where we simply couldn’t tell our story.

Now let me move on a little. Telling a story can be about anything and everything.

It can be a work of fact or fiction. It can be you telling in detail how to do something better, faster, more cost effectively, tips, tricks,  things you picked up along the way!

The freedom you get when you write a book is immense and so liberating. It is like a brain dump in the best possible way as everything gets preserved in written form. How cool is that!

Everyone has their own unique style and this is to be celebrated.

Even if you do not want to physically write a book, then record an audio book and preserve your thoughts and recollections this way or have the audio transcribed.

I have met so many wonderful people in my life and I always come away feeling my life has been enriched.

Everyone has something of value to another even if they feel insignificant and “ordinary.”

There is always something you know how to do better than so many others. Think of the satisfaction value at being able to write down your secret recipe of what simply works!

You may think it isn’t relevant or important enough but it is-there is always someone out there looking for this kind of information.

Don’t let the real power of your mind remain silent, write it down. I promise you will be glad you did write a book.

Orla Kelly


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