magic_medicine_tree_3dHow To Write A Childrens Book

To write a good childrens books, you really need to get  in touch with what kids really want not what you think they want. If  you have kids or are around kids a lot, then you will gain great insight into how their minds think.

Whatever book you write, ensure you know what age group your book is targeted for, especially if there is a message in the book that younger aged children will not pick up on. Sure they might love the story but if the aim of your story is to teach something around complex social issues as an example, then they may not pick up on this.

When you write the story, imagine as you are writing that you are reading each word out to a group of kids around the age your book is targeted for. Is it too wordy, too vague, using complex words? Is there enough going on to hold their interest or too much that they have lost you two pages behind.

Try to test your story out on kids and really watch their faces-you will learn a lot. Also their body language. Are they yawning, fidgeting, talking, doing other things, looking away? If so you are losing them. Sure you may lose a few-what about the others? Are they connected to the story and engaging with you? Some very important lessons to learn!

If children ask questions, they are valid. They missed out on something, it wasn’t clear, maybe you omitted something in the book, or maybe the day dreaming set in on that part of the story. Check for feedback. Do others know the answer? Ask!

It is like having your own personal focus group and you will learn so much on how to write a book.

To sum it all up, if you want to know how to write a book-keep your target reader in mind and review regularly what you write, again with the end user in mind.

Orla Kelly @orlakellyauthor

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