When I first looked at e-publishing, like a lot of people, I knew very little about it. From the moment I met Orla Kelly, this lady couldn’t do enough to help me, working tirelessly to get this book online. If you are thinking of going this route, I can highly recommend the services of Orla Kelly Self-Publishing. Orla, a big thanks. New Irish writers need a friend like you.

Sean Harding

Author of 'Love and All That'

Hi Orla,

Just a brief note to say that it was an inspired choice of mine, to select you to publish my first book. The attention and personal effort you put in to seeing that what was produced was of the very highest quality was second to none. Nothing was too much trouble and you inspired me to keep going when I began to doubt what I was doing.

Looking forward to working with you again when I finish my next book.

Phil Chambers

Author of 'Has Anyone Seen Alice?'

My name is Margaret Kelleher and I have recently published my first book with the help of Orla Kelly.
As a first time author and complete novice when it comes to publishing and promoting my book, I was lucky to find Orla. She has been amazing in helping me get my book into the market.
I rely on her and she delivers every time.

Margaret Kelleher

Author of 'Chips In A Bag, Classy Mr Murray'

In my search for an able formatter for both Create Space and Kindle, I was fortunate to discover Orla Kelly Publishing, and from the outset was glad of my choice. Orla is patient and professional and pays special attention to what the author is trying to convey via the work, which makes the formatting process more of a pleasure for someone like myself, who has little technical knowledge when it comes to preparing for the final upload to Amazon. Highly recommended.

Páll Thormod Morrison

Author of 'Dionysos in Myth, Drama & Comedy: Bacchic Elements in Greek & Celtic Culture.'

I have been writing books on local history for many years, published and received well locally.  But a sudden change in my life in 2010 saw me having to take early retirement and finding a lot of time on my hands. Sitting down one morning in the winter of 2011, I began with an idea which blossomed five years later as The Spindle Tree. Countless emails and refusals later, a friend sent me a link and an email to Orla Kelly Publishing. Not knowing whether I’d ever hear from her, I was more than surprised to receive a phone call next day and the rest is history.

My journey with Orla through the publication of The Spindle Tree has been a magical journey.  Nothing was ever a problem.  To see the book grow wings from editing phase to cover design, to appearing online in the digital world was very exciting.  I found her to be friendly, helpful, patient, but most of all very professional always and she has so much knowledge of the publishing world, it can only go up and up for her.  If someone were to ask me to recommend a publisher for their book, I would have no hesitation in recommending Orla Kelly Publishing.

Danny Dune

Author of 'The Spindle Tree'

I can’t praise this service enough. From the time I made contact with Orla Kelly Publishing, I knew that my life long ambition to become a published author would be fulfilled. That is now a reality and I have totally enjoyed the journey. Orla was there every time I had a question. I could not have done it without her. I would say to anyone, and I do, this is the way to go.

Tessa Daly

I highly recommend Orla Kelly Publishing for anyone looking to self publish. I found Orla initially approachable and very friendly. Once I started working with her she was professional, efficient and more than that I felt she really cared about my book and did an amazing job on getting my book out there. She is committed and available for communication without delay. Many thanks Orla, great job, 

Elizabeth Sheehan

Author of 'Beneath the Visible', Crystal healing practitioner and Reiki master

It was such a great pleasure to work with Orla. She is so professional and exudes great patience. I kept going back and forth changing things and she just took it under her belt, graciously. She is such a caring person too and I look forward to working with her on my next book. I would highly recommend her services.

Lindsay Lauren Stroud

From the moment I contacted Orla Kelly Publications I have had a superb service and was extremely well advised about my options when it came to publishing / self publishing. Having done some homework about the self publishing route I was daunted as each solution seemed to lead to another article / video/webinar, etc. Orla was most helpful and outlined my options while at the same time accommodating my wishes about my book in a realistic and sensible way. I never felt pressured or felt that what I wanted to see in print was being compromised. Having my final draft complete and proofread,  turnaround time from my first contact with Orla to my book on Amazon, was two weeks. An excellent service.

Noel Howard

Author of 'Ballinacarriga Kilworth - A House, A Family, A Village'

In 2019 I attended a conference for aspiring writers, and I chatted with people there who had “sorry tales” to tell of years wasted chasing publishers. Eventually, after becoming disillusioned by countless rejection slips and ominous comments about “slush piles” they had resorted to self-publishing. I toyed with the idea of following this route, but I was wary of approaching a random publisher as the term caveat emptor flashed in my brain. So, I left my first book to one side and proceeded to continue writing non-fiction pieces. However, when COVID-19 arrived on our island and with it, restriction after restriction, I had all the time in the world and so I wrote my second novel.

Then in December 2020 I like to think that my guardian angel helped me to meet with a certain person (in a queue). We happened to start talking about books and then publishing and the name Orla Kelly was mentioned. This individual had published work with Orla`s help and spoke very highly of her professional competence.

I emailed Orla the following week and so my journey into the world of self-publishing had begun. It must be said that Orla embodies all the characteristics that one would look for in a publisher. She has extremely high standards and works tirelessly to ensure the best possible result. She is kind, patient and always prompt when replying to emails. Despite her absolute professionalism there is a sense that she really enjoys the challenge of bringing the work of first -time authors into the public domain. This was evident when it came to choosing a cover for both books as I was determined to find ones that encapsulated the mood of each story.

If you are wary of stepping into the unchartered waters of self-publishing talk with Orla. You will quickly realize that you have a master mariner at the helm to guide you to a safe harbour.

Anne Frehill

Author of 'When Silence Hurts' and 'Reapers of Justice'

I finally decided to become an author in 2020 after debating the idea over again and again. I spent a lot of time researching the best ways to publish and by chance, I came across Orla Kelly Publishing. It was one of the smartest moves I had made. Publishing a book can be so overwhelming but with Orla’s help it seemed so easy. She took the stress away by managing the publishing details. She happily answered any question I had by email, phone or video call.

Orla is responsive, professional and caring. She is passionate about her work and dedicates her time to providing a proficient service.

I don’t think I would have published my novel without Orla’s extraordinary help. She went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the final product.

Ila Quinn

Author of 'Cinders and Rime'

Having been successfully steered through the minefield of self publishing by Orla Kelly for my first book, I again engaged her for my second. As previously, I found her of enormous assistance. Nothing was too much of a problem and I found her practical advice around editing properly and proofreading of most benefit. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Noel Howard

Author of 'Only Strangers Here'

Self publishers like me are a growing bunch and we need professionals in the field to guide us and enable us to concentrate on the writing while they do their magic to get manuscript into print and out into the world, so happy to mention Orla Kelly Publishing, If you’re thinking of getting your book published look no further than Orla Kelly - she’s a fountain of knowledge on all things publishing, she’s professional and approachable and she’ll take you through the process from beginning to end. What more could a writer wish for? Safe hands , a good heart and a wise head. She’s got it.

Eleanore O Kelly Lynch-The Girl With Special Knees

Orla has been invaluable to me as an indie author and just a wonderful, lovable being! Thank you Orla!

Jane Buckley

Author of 'The Stones Corner' series

I worked with Orla on a fiction title. She’s a special, professional person who will help you through the publishing process.

Sharon Thompson

Orla Kelly helped me develop and publish my first novel The Genius Killer. The process was both a joy and a severely steep learning process for me. Every step of the way Orla guided me with clarity and pace. No question was a daft one and each task was completed on time and on message. My novel, when published, looked and felt exactly how I had wanted it to. The proofing process had been dealt with sensitively and there was never a problem when I made corrections - sometimes quite a few and many late in the process. Patience is just one of Orla’s many qualities. Orla got the book to market with absolute minimum fuss via paperback and ebook and when it came to the audiobook Orla solved every problem that evolved. Orla helped to keep me calm when my concerns made me nervous and, by the end of our project, I was a very content and happy customer.

Another aspect of Orla’s service is her after care. She will continue your relationship after publication to make sure everything stays on track and to help you with getting free copies and promo codes for reviewers. All round I’m extremely happy with Orla Kelly Publishing and would recommend her to any author - in particular those who, like me, were debut novelists.

Mark Robson

Author: The Genius Killer

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