It was from a random Google search that I found Orla Kelly publishing services and so impressed by what she had to offer, I decided to choose her services to publish my series of children’s books for me, indeed I was very pleasantly surprised.
From the very start of the publishing process to the finish Orla was the epitome of complete professionalism.  She was readily available with her updates, feedback and honest opinions and when the going got tough she was always most encouraging. Orla is very hardworking and also most diligent to ensure the work produced is of an extremely high standard and quality. She is an absolute pleasure to work it and I certainly would not hesitate in availing of her publishing services again in the future.  It is without a doubt that the future of publishing services is in very good hands with Orla Kelly at the helm. Thank you Orla Kelly-you Rock!

Aideen O'Donoghue

Author of 3 books- O.D. McPhodee, O.D. McPhodee-The Greatest Dog Ever and O.D. McPhodee-The Great Escape

Working with Orla was the best choice we could have made. Orla went the extra mile for us, literally! She travelled to Dublin at the crack of dawn to get our books in time for the book launch, this was no surprise to us considering her level of commitment to us and to the rest of the people she has worked with. Myself and Killian look forward to the next book we make with Orla.  

Harry Tyrrell

Author of 'The Kinsale Colouring Book'

It’s the Law of Attraction, isn’t it! You are a joy to work with. You know the encouragement you gave me with our first video call was a big player for me. I was coming to you with nothing but an idea in my head, a limited budget, and no knowledge of anything regarding this field so I could have been so easily discouraged by whomever I was dealing with but you literally gave me the feeling that this was absolutely possible and that you believed in me and here we are now and it’s complete! So thank you for your kindness, your faith in me, and for being a beautiful energy to work with.

Amanda Dalton

Author of 'The Secret of the Wizard's Wand - The Law of Attraction for Children'

I decided to write a children’s book for my little boy. I’d never done anything like this before and was totally new to it. I researched online to find a publisher and after checking a few I came across Orla’s website. Straight away I knew I wanted to work with her. Orla was the only publisher who I felt put a personal touch in her work and didn’t seem like a corporate company. I felt that, for what I wanted to do, she was exactly the kind of person I wanted to work with and I was right. I got in touch and Orla got back right away. Orla guided and supported me from start to finish and my book was published within the timeframe she had said it would be at the start. She really made the journey not just easy but fun as well. I learnt a lot from her and would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to publish their work. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.

Phares El Essawi

Author of 'The Friendly Shark'

I find it hard to put into words the support that Orla Kelly has given me as I have brought the Thrive series of Nature Outdoor Activities for children and families into the world. She is brilliant at her job, she knows the publishing world inside and out, she will help you avoid the pitfalls and make the most of every self-publishing opportunity.

She is a superb editor and book designer; she collaborates on a vision for your book in a way that supports your vision without dominating it. All of her suggestions in Thrive were brilliant, and added value in every sense of that word to the book for readers and book sellers.

Her attention to detail is legendary, and she is accommodating and available in a calm and reassuring way.

Above all, Orla is a warm and wonderful human being who loves authors and books. She is a very talented and efficient book publisher. She made this nerve-wracking experience joyful and productive. I highly recommend her to any author, she will support and encourage you and your work in the very best way that it is possible to do so.

Gillian Powell

Author of 'Thrive Outdoor Nature Books'

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