What every author needs to know about book sales trends

I put together some book publishing trends that every author needs to be aware of. They look at print books, digital downloads, audio books and also the type of books that are selling well.

Digital Books

When eBooks first came out, people were concerned that this would be the death of print books. However, this has not happened and doesn’t look likely to happen any time soon.

Print Books

Print books are still very important for reasons I will explain below.

In a digital world, a huge amount of time in front of screens for work (and leisure).  A growing number of readers now want to escape from screen time and hold a real book during their free time.

Looking at book purchasing trends, it’s not just the ‘older generation’ buying print copies.  Young people are also buying printed books. However, one noticeable trend is that the number of books being read for leisure has decreased and the non-fiction type of books being purchased is on the increase.

You can ask yourself if this down to the decrease in ‘leisure time’ as we have become busier?

Book Genres Doing Well

Another change in the publishing world I notice is that books discussing diverse topics once thought too racy, controversial or ones addressing hard-hitting topics are now getting more attention. This is reflected in the volume of books being purchased.  Creativity, diversity, ‘standing apart from the crowd’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ are proving effective for generating book sales.

Self-help books offering real value will always have demand and readership.

Entrepreneur Authors

The number of entrepreneurs writing books has really taken off. Entrepreneurs are repurposing their content and sharing their knowledge and expertise in a book format.  Their aim is to market and promote their products and services. Brand awareness and recognition and being perceived as the expert in a particular field is a driving force. They are also using their book to generate leads and build relationships with readers and prospective clients. Knowing the intent of the book allows all this to be built into the bookmaking process for many non-fiction books.


Audiobooks are really gaining popularity as more readers are choosing the audio version to listen to while on the move. This is especially so for books that teach a particular topic that a reader wants to learn more about.

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