How To Know When You Will Need A Book Mentor

Are you lost, overwhelmed or distracted and getting your book finished, let alone published seems further away each day?

Instead, if you would like

· more clarity,

· become more focused on the content for your book; and

· gain an insight into what your readers really need to hear from you,

Then it may be time for you to get a book mentor.

Here is why.

My name is Orla Kelly, and I am a self-published author, I know exactly what it is like trying to keep motivated, stay on form, commit to writing even when you really don’t want to, feeling distracted or just lost!

I also know that keeping the momentum going and having a clear vision and end in sight for your book is something that requires dedication, perseverance and sometimes shear stubbornness!

A book mentor is someone to bounce ideas off, ask advice, review content for you and basically support you in whatever way you need support.

The good thing is that if we work together, you don’t have to do it alone. I will be in your corner, helping and supporting you in whatever way I can. You may not always like what I say but I will always have your back!

Does this sound like something that would benefit you on your book writing journey?

If so, let's schedule a call and talk about how best you can be supported.

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