Published  but still struggling to spread the word about your book and reach your target audience?

​If so then this book marketing package may just be for you.

Dear author,

Do you find that now that your book is published, you are still struggling to spread the word about your book and reach your target audience? I know it can be so frustrating to have a wonderful book you are proud of, that you poured your heart and soul into and yet you feel that your book has gotten lost along the way.

As a published author, having your book online or in bookstores is simply not enough anymore. The sad fact is your book will get lost amongst the thousands of books published every day.

Living in an era where so much information is uploaded, updated and shared online, having a strong online presence is becoming more important. Not only is it important to have an online presence but having one that is strategic and generates interest in what you have to say or share gives you a distinct advantage over others who have not yet grasped this concept. Wouldn’t you agree?

I now see a need for offering this add on service for past clients who appreciate their book will not sell by itself without an ongoing marketing effort.

Of course you have a number of choices:

1. You can figure it all out yourself. 

2. You can outsource completely considering your budget and how long you keep paying for this service.

3. You can work closely with someone who will mentor you on marketing skills-both online and offline, teach you everything you need to know, virtually look over their shoulder to see how things are done so that a powerful and persuasive message comes across about your book.

I held off planning such a program for a long time. The reason being, I know how much work it takes on different social media platforms, to keep content fresh and to keep looking at ways to build relationships and spread the word online and offline too.

The simple truth is that in addition to publishing books I cannot sustain this level of marketing on an ongoing basis BUT I can teach anyone what they need to do if they willing to learn and apply what I will teach them.

What you will get out of it?

You will be supported in your journey as a published author so you will have a plan and know what needs to be done when it comes to marketing your book and how to do it.

You will feel in control and empowered, knowing there is something you can do to spread the word about your book.

You won’t have to outsource marketing when you complete your training and mentoring so there would be no ongoing costs.

What does the program involve?

The program will focus on online and offline strategies with direct training and mentoring over 4 months with an additional 2 months email support.

It will cover online (blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) and offline marketing and PR strategies (Press releases, speaking engagements, radio and press interviews). We can look at some paid forms of advertising and how to set up campaigns but most effort will focus on what is free.

This is not generic training as it will be specifically tailored for your book and your books target market.

You will have access to online marketing material, specifically relevant for book marketing (including tips, strategies, tools and resources) only accessible for my clients. This is an accumulation of everything I have learned over the years and only the best and most effective/relevant ones are included.

You would virtually look over my shoulder as I prepare marketing material for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you would be mentored in how to do the same. This would include sample Facebook and LinkedIn posts, images with text and short tweets with the correct use of hashtags for social media. A full review of and direction given for any material you prepare to ensure the delivery of a powerful engaging message for your audience.

Assistance will be provided for setting up Goodreads Giveaways and for doing Amazon book promotions.

Social media headers will be prepared for Facebook and Twitter to include your book cover to make your offering crystal clear.

Assistance with setting up an automated social media posting for you and show you how it works and how to upload and schedule content.

1 coaching call every 2 week for 15-20 minutes for 4 months and the provision of a plan to follow each week.

Detailed training plans and access to supplementary material.

The first months plan will be prepared and carried out on your behalf and you will use this as a guideline for plans for months 2-6.

Full training and mentoring over 4 months and full email support for an additional 2 months (6 months email support).

Ongoing access to all training and resources.

Note: I will work closely with you over the 3 months mentoring/training but I will not do all the work for you. My role will be as a mentor and trainer. You will be trained and guided on to do everything so you can see how everything is to be structured but at the end of the day it is your book and you will need to engage with your audience and build relationships with them.

Marketing is an ongoing process and no-one will be as passionate about your book and your story as you are so you need to be in the ‘driving seat’.

I believe this offers the most value to you and the best use of my time also.

Of course there are no guarantees of financial return but if you strongly believe book marketing support and training for your specific book is something you really should undertake, you have come to the right place.

If you are interested in working, learning and applying over the next 6 months, investing in yourself and your book, then go here so we can get to work!

Best wishes Orla

Click on the link "Start Book Marketing Today" so we can begin working together.

I look forward to working closely with you. 

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