Book Marketing Strategy

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Your book is published and you may wonder what is the next step-There is lots to do!

Have a look at these 2 videos I did on using Amazons promotional tools-(when you subscribe to KDP Select and agree to go exclusively with KDP for 3 months) and what book promotion services to use. If your book is on Ingramspark which distributes to the Apple store, Barnes and Noble etc and aren't really seeing any measurable sales, consider removing the ebook and allowing time for it to clear from the online stores before going exclusive with Kindle to avail of their promotional tools. 

It also assumes you are happy to use Amazons heavy discount feature to avail of the book promotion sites mentioned ​for te duration of any promotions.

Check out the videos here.

What about getting reviews for your book?

Check out this very comprehensive list of book reviewers here at The Indie Review. Don't ever pay for a review. Amazon can spot them. Same goes for having someone you know leave you a gushing review that screams you are friends! Amazon may not publish it and if they do, other readers aren't stupid. Feel free to give some guidance or instruction to them. For example, John is a really sound guy, thrilled he brought out his book. Proud of you man! It's brilliant. Totally recommend it." This comes across that the reviewer knows the author too well to give an impartial review.

If they are to give reviews that are honest and even better if they naturally include a few relevant keywords, this will help inform readers about the content and assist in buying decisions. For example, giving the review a title "A tense courtroom drama which keeps you guessing till the end." And for the review-"I thought I had the plot figured out early on, but as events unfolded in the courtroom, I found myself asking questions. Was Serena really unaware of what was happening or did she allow what happened to take place on her watch! Detective Tom McKenzie was some tough cookie, a seasoned cop yet very likeable. He never gave up, even at great personal cost......" Doesn't this read more natural and also read like the reviewer actually read the book. If you were sititng on the fence, an honest and natural review can help sway readers especially if they can identify with the storyline and pick up that the book touches search terms they tend to go for.

I read both good and bad reviews for books I am interested in. I skim through the simple "Great book" ones.

Again reviews do give endorsements to your book and encourage readers to buy-only if you don't out price yourself! Put yourself in their shoes. The risk should be low for them so they are more likely to take a chance on a new author.

I said I would give the list of the other book promotion sites shown in the presentation with their Alexa rank. Here they are: 2,176 US; 8,393 global 8,082 9,683 16,171 17,124 18,275 19,662 22,810 25,940 29,576 37,273 38,161 45,262 58,972 55,240 56,149 60,736 75,536 76,876 78,724 82,796 98,369 100,705 116,216 130,042 global; 7,738 Germany 131,056 (can be booked through Hotzippy) 134,201 161,376; NZ 2,827
161,996 global; United Kingdom 24,180 (also ranks in India and the US) 179,531 188,008 188,357 199,297 200,900 206,871 global; 975 New Zealand; also India 211,208 211,254 213,980 222,842 224,161 237,735 248,641 251,520 251,886 279,609 300,000+ global; 293,107 308,789 318,623 (global) 329,155 367,548 371,292 380,520 413,117 518,197 593,211 618,531; global 401,223 620,927 904,702 global

​Remember, if you are heavily discounting your book-you need to track sales revenue, sales rank and reviews.

The above sources were taken from my trusted resources on the Internet.

Free Software to Help with Preparing Infographics

I use 2 software programs. First I started with Canva but now I use Getstencil. Try out both-set up free accounts. Here is a link to a video I created showing how to use them to create images for all social media.

​Links for Canva and GetStencil.  

Note: I only recommend products I personally use and really like. I am an affiliate of GetStencil meaning if you get up a free account using the link I gave you and later decide to upgrade, I get a small fee. If you don't want to use this link you can go direct to this service. Again if your Amazon Kindle book doesn't have a review page at the back of the book or if it doesn't contain a live link to the review posting page, I will be happy to do this for you. Also if your book is on Ingramspark as an ebook and you want to try going exclusively with KDP, I can assist.  Thanks Orla

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