write a business bookRecently I read a very interesting article and it really hit home to me about the real usefulness of traditional business cards. I know you can send an e-card but the article got me thinking and that can be a dangerous thing.

A business card can only hold so much information and really can get lost or become redundant as more and more searches are done online.

A book though is something with a value, even a perceived value and it can be used to inform, educate and persuade any readers to find out more about your business, product or service.

If done the right way, it is a really cool marketing tool. If done the wrong way, it is tacky, useless and nothing other than self-promotion with limited to no value. It also shows disrespect to the reader-disrespect to their intelligence and time they allocated to read it in the first place.

Writing a business style book doesn’t have to be a major ordeal. It doesn’t even have to look like a business book.

Keep these tips in mind before dismissing the idea of publishing a book  for your business.


Who are your intended audience? Everybody, is too general!

Content and Delivery

What specifically do they need to know and I mean specifically? There is a big difference between delivering information and delivering relevant information that someone is interested in knowing.

What is the best way to tell them? Can you use case studies, stories, link to your training videos, demonstrate something, give screenshots etc. It is not just words anymore that make a good book, especially a business style book. You can make an interactive digital book with links going where ever you wish. How cool is that?

Imagine your book linking to your website, sales page, coaching programme/coaching sessions, online courses, special offers, other published material etc.


Write from an area of power, curiosity and passion and your unique voice will shine through.

Don’t forget, you probably have loads of material already in some form or another so don’t be afraid to re-purpose it.

Finally to give you some momentum and a push in the right direction, remember:

The only limitation is your imagination and inability to dream big enough.


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