profileHow I Began Self Publishing

One night back in 2014, my kids ran out of stories to read and so my son who was 10 started to write a little story for his sister age  7. He didn’t have time to finish before bedtime so they begged me to write them a story. Anything to get them to bed, I agreed. I looked at the beautiful imaginative story he had begun to craft and I was blown away. Had I lost all this sense of amazement, wonder and adventure in even the simplest things in life? As I sat at my computer, I faced a dilemma. How could I rise to this challenge and write them a story?  Before that I worked in a technical consultancy background, a very different way of thinking and writing followed by a number of years as a stay at home mom.

And so I sat for a while, re-reading what my son wrote and then I just started writing, without thinking, without stopping.

The next night, I had my first installment for my kids and they loved it (they would wouldn’t they-they are my kids after all!) I continued to write and build small little life skills, words of wisdom into the stories and soon I had my first book written. Not published, just on my laptop. What now?

Having a book on Kindle was something I was always interested in pursuing but how?

This was my next challenge. I was getting good at these challenges and so over time, I learned how to format and convert and set up my book on Amazon as a Kindle book.

I found I loved writing and so I continued to write. At the moment I have seven books in Kindle and print format spanning a few different genres. It was only when I was awarded a place on the Greenshoots Emerging Entrepreneur program that I decided to investigate writing/publishing as a business and so Orla Kelly Self Publishing Services was born.

Over time I expanded to create different eBook formats according to client needs such as Smashwords (eBook) and IngramSpark (eBook and print books).

I know what is like writing but not knowing what to do next or how will your work be received?

Showcasing your work can make some authors feel exposed, vulnerable, maybe you feel it is not quite there yet or will never face the light of day. I know I waited a while before telling anyone. Would my work be hated, would I be getting “notions” about myself, too big for my boots!

Because I have been there, every step of the way, what I offer, I want it to be a little different. I want to offer a warm, personal, bespoke service to anyone and everyone whether you are an aspiring author, published author or business professional.

I don’t offer the ‘conveyor belt’ type of services but a bespoke service where I am just as interested in the author as I am in their work. I work closely with an editor who loves her work as much as I love mine.

writing 2Knowing that your treasured writing is being lovingly crafted into a book, whether an eBook or print book by someone who genuinely cares about you as an author, cares about your work, who updates you, values your input -that makes sense doesn’t it?

Never give up on your dreams, it is the stuff magic is made from.

To further help you on your publishing journey, I wrote the following for you. Go here.


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