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Why should anyone write a book?

Benjamin Franklin once said Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about.” Today I see more professionals taking up writing and they do it for a number of reasons which I will discuss below.

However, first let me tell you a little about the professionals I have come across who either are in the process of writing a book or who have a book already published. I will tell you their reasoning behind their book and what they hope to accomplish or are accomplishing by having a book published.

These include coaches in all sectors, specialty craft makers, speakers, fitness and lifestyle gurus, therapists and or virtually anyone who can teach someone how to do something or who can help someone solve a problem. Really the sky is the limit!

When asked what the main reasons were to write a book, the following key reasons were given

  1. To earn credibility and “position” themselves in their market place.
  2. To be seen as an expert in their field.
  3. To use as leverage to get speaking engagements, mentoring etc.
  4. To get their name “out there” and be “seen” by key influencers.
  5. To get more clients.
  6. To generate more interest in their goods, product or service.
  7. To generate more sales or make more money.

write a bookOf course, it is not as simple as just pulling together some sales promotional material. If you want to write a book, it has to offer something of real value to others, be meaningful, connect with readers, be informative and/or educational. It needs to add value personally or professionally or solve a problem. It can address how to help them get a functional, social, or emotional job done, or help them satisfy a more basic need. You as the professional in your unique area can best answer these questions.

Then go about it using the language your customer most understands and can relate to. After all there is no point in writing about something that only you are interested in. Also there is no value in blatant self-promotion. Subtle self-promotion is another thing entirely and will come by default if you write your book with the correct mindset.

Write with your customer in mind the entire time, and if you really know your customers or the needs of those you want as customers, you won’t go wrong. Through effective communication of your solution to meet the needs of others in a way that they appreciate and can benefit from, you as a business professional will thrive and if you write a book, it will support and re-enforce everything your business has to offer.


Written by Orla Kelly

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