How To Write A Book

how to write a book








When asked how to write a book, I always say, it depends on many factors. Some of these include:

  • how determined, creative and expressive are you?
  • how clued in are you at knowing what your readers want?
  • then knowing what your readers want, can you write about this well enough?
  • where, how and when will you write?
  • how will you present yourself as a writer and what is your writing style?
  • is your command of English of high enough standard so the quality of your writing isn’t compromised?
  • have you thick skin to deal with failure, rejection, disinterest, poor sales etc?

When you have answered all the above and are still confident in your ability as a writer, read on and we will briefly cover a number of different genres and how to write a book in each one. In this instance, I have only written about the types of books I have published and which can be found at Orla Kelly Publishing and on Amazon.

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