problems authors face about publishingHaving spoken to a number of authors, there are a number of things that hold them back from publishing.

  1. Fear of rejection.
  2. Fear that their work is still not good enough to publish or will never be good enough.
  3. Fear of the unknown
  4. Fear that they are getting in over their head.
  5. Fear they will be ripped off by unscrupulous publishers
  6. The cost factor
  7. Fear of losing their book rights
  8.  Not knowing whether they should follow the traditional publishing route or self publish.
  9. Not knowing what is expected of them.
  10. Worry about hidden extra costs.
  11. Worry about making back the publishing and printing costs.
  12. Anxiety about possibly having to commit to ordering large numbers of books or commit to a publishing package that causes financial hardship.
  13. Worry about who to trust and who to get sound information from.
  14. Not knowing what they want to do.
  15. Worry about an inferior product or service that will reflect badly on them.
  16. Worry that their book won’t sell.
  17. Worry about getting bad reviews or negative feedback.
  18. Worry that their dream will be shattered.

I know I can add more to this list if I thought about it some more and it is because of this and because I started off as an author first, that I now have a better understanding of the needs of other authors. I address these concerns through my personal self publishing service I provide to clients to take as much stress away as possible and to make the whole publishing process painless.