When I first looked at e-publishing, like a lot of people, I knew very little about it. From the moment I met Orla Kelly, this lady couldn’t do enough to help me, working tirelessly to get this book online. If you are thinking of going this route, I can highly recommend the services of Orla Kelly Self-Publishing. Orla, a big thanks. New Irish writers need a friend like you.

Sean Harding

Author of 'Love and All That'

“It was from a random Google search that I found Orla Kelly publishing services and so impressed by what she had to offer, I decided to choose her services to publish my series of children’s books for me, indeed I was very pleasantly surprised.
From the very start of the publishing process to the finish Orla was the epitome of complete professionalism.  She was readily available with her updates, feedback and honest opinions and when the going got tough she was always most encouraging. Orla is very hardworking and also most diligent to ensure the work produced is of an extremely high standard and quality. She is an absolute pleasure to work it and I certainly would not hesitate in availing of her publishing services again in the future.  It is without a doubt that the future of publishing services is in very good hands with Orla Kelly at the helm. Thank you Orla Kelly-you Rock!”

Aideen O Donoghue

Author of 3 books- O.D. McPhodee, O.D. McPhodee-The Greatest Dog Ever and O.D. McPhodee-The Great Escape

Hi Orla,

Just a brief note to say that it was an inspired choice of mine, to select you to publish my first book. The attention and personal effort you put in to seeing that what was produced was of the very highest quality was second to none. Nothing was too much trouble and you inspired me to keep going when I began to doubt what I was doing.

Looking forward to working with you again when I finish my next book.

Phil Chambers

Author of 'Has Anyone Seen Alice?'

I would highly recommend Orla Kelly for all your publishing requirements. She was extremely thorough, hard working, and she did all of her work in very good time and very efficiently. She was very reasonable in what she charged for her work and she did absolutely everything for me. She was very kind and agreeable to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of having a writing published. It was a dream come true.

Patricia Fitzpatrick

Author of 'Christian Healing'

In choosing to use Orla Kelly Publishing Services to publish my first book I made what I consider to be the singular most important decision in the whole venture. From our first meeting to discuss the project to the final printing of the books Orla was always encouraging, patient and most professional in all aspects of the process. Nothing was too much trouble for her and the end result was of the highest quality, I highly recommend the services of Orla Kelly Publishing to any aspiring author who is considering self publishing. For me it turned publishing my book from a fraught and stressful experience into a very enjoyable journey.
James Keoghan
Author of ‘Currahoo to Santiago’.
James Keoghan

Author Currahoo To Santiago

My name is Margaret Kelleher and I have recently published my first book with the help of Orla Kelly.
As a first time author and complete novice when it comes to publishing and promoting my book, I was lucky to find Orla. She has been amazing in helping me get my book into the market.
I rely on her and she delivers every time.

Author of ‘Chips in a Bag, Classy Mr Murray!’

Margaret Kelleher


After selling the print copies of two local history books, I decided to publish them in eBook format. I got in contact with Orla Kelly, Self Publishing and found the service to be of a very high standard and attention to detail was second to none. Would highly recommend this Publishing Service.

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Joe Connolly author of Pure Drama from Behind the Spotlight and Musical Theatre from Behind the Spotlight

Joe Connolly


A huge thanks to the lovely Orla Kelly for her ongoing support and for getting my book online.

John Walsh

Author of Headcase-The John Walsh Story

Orla Kelly is a professional publisher, very helpful and kind. Working with her was a real pleasure. Reliable business partner provides the work relevant to the highest standards. I can recommend Orla to any new author thinking of publishing their first book. Victoria Herocten
Victoria Herocten

Author of Awaken Mega Happiness: Master the Eleven Proven Skills of Personal Excellence And Create Your Dream Life, Success Achiever

i begun writing books some six years past and never wanted to publish anything. i wanted to write just to write the idea of giving my work over to someone and losing control scared me a little. Then one day a friend come to me about self publishing he give me Orla email and contact information. after speaking to her for a long time about it i decided to publish my book. knowing nothing of publishing pricing or anything really Orla helped me with everything no matter the time or day she was there for me to answer even my most stupid questions. I depend on her knowledge for a lot of things one thing i admired was when i sent her the book. I never edited it. i have dyslexia and find it very difficult to do. to great shame of my own. When Orla found out she help me beyond count because of this i have grown to respect her for what she did.  Highly recommend using her to publish your work right to the final stage she was there to help me. Much thanks for the support Orla.

Jason Donoghue

Author of RÓNÁN

I am forever thankful that I chose Orla Kelly to support me in publishing my first book; she provides a bespoke service that is both efficient and professional, at a competitive cost.
I asked lots of questions, and she was always incredibly kind and helpful. Everything flowed beautifully, and I am more than happy with the results.
I highly recommend her services, indeed I have already passed her name to others.
Brigid Gallagher 
Author of Watching the Daisies-Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow
Brigid Gallagher


” From the initial contact right through to receiving copies of my book, Orla was highly professional, helpful and fully cooperative. All queries and suggestions were dealt with promptly and empathetically. I would highly recommend Orla Kelly’s publishing services.”

Sean Maguire

Author of 'For Those Left Behind'

In my search for an able formatter for both Create Space and Kindle, I was fortunate to discover Orla Kelly Publishing, and from the outset was glad of my choice. Orla is patient and professional and pays special attention to what the author is trying to convey via the work, which makes the formatting process more of a pleasure for someone like myself, who has little technical knowledge when it comes to preparing for the final upload to Amazon. Highly recommended.

Páll Thormod Morrisson, Author of Dionysos in Myth, Drama & Comedy: Bacchic Elements in Greek & Celtic Culture.

Pall Thormod Morrisson


I can safely say that without Orla Kelly, my book would not have been published. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is full of great ideas. If you’re interested in publishing a book, I highly recommend Orla.

Neil O’Brien author of 101 Buisness Ideas From A Recovering Accountant

Neil O'Brien